– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Uncharted is slowly becoming The Crow of video game adaptations. For years, this has been a film that’s wallowed in development hell, with directors popping in and out like nobody’s business. This is a bit ironic, since it is a property that’s perhaps one of the best suited for a big screen film, so one has to wonder what it is the studio wants out of this movie versus what all the directors so far have wanted.

In that time the film has been in development, there have been countless actors who have been fan-casted as the leading man Nathan Drake, including Nathan Fillion, Bradley Cooper, and of course, the subject of this piece, Mark Wahlberg. The problem with fan-casting like this, is it puts unrealistic expectations into the minds of fans. After considering an actor for the part over a long period of time, it becomes difficult for them to think of anyone else in that role. It’s especially difficult when an actor is officially announced for a film at some point — which Wahlberg was about six years back.

If you’re one of those who’d become attached to the idea of Wahlberg playing Nathan Drake, then you’d best get comfortable imagining someone else. Speaking with We Got This Covered, the actor confirmed his current non-involvement with Uncharted, stating:

“As of now, no, I’m not attached.”

So as of this writing, we can take it to the bank that Wahlberg is no longer attached to the film (which is set to be directed by Stranger Things director Shawn Levy), and as such, it’s time to start poking our speculative heads elsewhere. But that being said, we have to remember that nothing is set in stone in Hollywood. Wahlberg only stated that he’s not attached right now. Given the right circumstances, there is still the probability that he’ll return to the project…but until cameras start rolling, it’s impossible to know for sure.

As great as the film could be with a Wahlberg as Nathan Drake, the man is in his mid-forties. While that’s not necessarily too old, if the want to take advantage of franchising the series, then it’s probably best that they shoot for a relative spring chicken — perhaps someone more in the realm of Chris Hemsworth could be a more solid, long term bet for the studios.

What do you think? Are you sad that Mark Wahlberg is no longer attached to the flick, or do you see potential talent lurking elsewhere? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: We Got This Covered

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