– by Joseph Jammer Medina


The man that successfully rebooted the James Bond franchise not once, but twice, is set to return to the world of espionage. According to The Wrap, director Martin Campbell is in talks to helm Hunter Killer. The film will be based on the George Wallace/Don Keith novel, “Firing Point,” which tells a high-stakes story with nuclear war ramifications. The book was adapted for the screen by the writing team of Jamie Moss, John Kolvenbach and Arne Schmidt.

Here’s the official synopsis of the original book:

“Below the polar ice cap, an American nuclear submarine moves quietly in the freezing water, tailing a new Russian sub. But the usual, unspoken game of hide-and-seek between opposing captains is ended when the Americans hear sounds of disaster and flooding, and the Russian sub sinks in a thousand feet of water. The American sub rushes to help, only to join its former quarry in the deep. 

The situation ignites tensions around the world. As both Washington and Moscow prepare for what may be the beginnings of World War III, the USS Toledo—led by young, untested Captain Joe Glass—heads to the location to give aid. He soon discovers that the incident was no accident. And the men behind it have yet to make their final move.

A move only Glass can stop. 

[Courtesy of Google Books]

Campbell has been quiet in recent years, not directing a film since 2011’smuch-maligned Green Lantern for Warner Bros. It would appear that he was just as turned off by the experience as the audience was. But now it would seem he’s ready to get back on the horse. 

For my money, Casino Royale is still the best modern Bond film. Hopefully, Martin is able to bring that same balance of story, action, and character to Hunter Killer.

He won’t be the first director to take a crack at this film, though. The production has had a number of suitors that have come and gone, including Antoine Fuqua, McG, Phillip Noyce, and Steven Quale. It’s unclear why the project has had such a hard time finding a director, but hopefully they found their man in Campbell.


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