– by Anthony Esteves

Our favorite protectors of Earth under the Marvel banner have been sworn to secrecy, and there’s video to prove it.

In what was believed to have been originally tweeted by the Russo Brothers, then later posted on the Marvel Studios Twitter account, the 35-second short features most of the main cast of Avengers: Infinity War inside what appears to be an interrogation room:

They are seated either alone or with a castmate at a table and are refusing to say anything regarding the film’s plot and surprises. The short was posted late in the evening on Monday night. The short is a creative attempt by Marvel at asking online blog outlets and their fan base to not share any spoilers regarding the film. Last night was the big Hollywood premiere of the film and news sites were allowed to view the film as well. 

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Anthony Mackie shrugs and says, “I’m not telling you a damn thing.” Don Cheadle turns to Elizabeth Olsen as says “This is a trap.” Chris Evans and Chadwick Boseman look at each other, then back to the camera with a ‘are you serious?’ look on their faces. Dave Bautista looks annoyed. Karen Gillan yells, “I don’t want to answer any questions!” Robert Downey, Jr pours himself some water and looks at the camera, mouth closed. Possibly the most comical part of the short is the pairing of Chris Pratt and Tom Holland. In their first cut, Holland wears black tape over his mouth as the two sit quietly. Later, Pratt points at specific areas on a piece of paper in front of them while exclaiming that he “can’t say anything,” as if he’s secretly revealing key points on the sheet that is not legible to the viewer. 

The entire short ends with a black screen and the hashtag #ThanosDemandsYourSilence. It’s quite enjoyable and worth a viewing. Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters Friday, April 27.

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