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Some Disney fans may have hoped that the House of Mouse would restrict their remakes and reboots to their animated features, but of course, you’d be disappointed. To a company like Disney, any of their films from the past are fair game for exploitation. This isn’t even a slight against the entertainment conglomerate. While, as a film lover, it’s instinct to cringe at the news of all the reboots and remakes that permeate the industry, one can’t deny that great things can be accomplished on the backs of big franchises. All you have to do is look at Marvel, Star Wars, The Dark Knight, and even something like Pete’s Dragon to see that.

It’s that in mind that we’re looking at the concept of Mary Poppins Returns. Yes, the original Mary Poppins is an unparalleled classic (no matter what author PL Travers thought of it), and there’s no way they can touch it. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be great on its own merits, especially given the talent that’s on board for this one, including Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins herself.

Disney has officially released a first image of the actress taking on the iconic role. Check it out below!

This is a great first look at Mary Poppins. Not only does Blunt look the part, but we can also tell from the color scheme that Disney seems like they’re aiming to replicate the sort of technicolor look of the original. If nothing else, we likely won’t be able to rag on them for not being faithful enough. Let’s just hope they’re able to execute an amazing story that justifies its existence.

The synopsis for Mary Poppins Returns is below.

“Mary Poppins Returns is set in 1930s depression-era London (the time period of the original novels) and is drawn from the wealth of material in PL Travers’ additional seven books. In the story, Michael (Ben Whishaw) and Jane (Emily Mortimer) are now grown up, with Michael, his three children and their housekeeper, Ellen (Julie Walters), living on Cherry Tree Lane. After Michael suffers a personal loss, the enigmatic nanny Mary Poppins (Emily Blunt) re-enters the lives of the Banks family, and, along with the optimistic street lamplighter Jack (Lin-Manuel Miranda), uses her unique magical skills to help the family rediscover the joy and wonder missing in their lives. Mary Poppins also introduces the children to a new assortment of colorful and whimsical characters, including her eccentric cousin, Topsy (Meryl Streep).”

What do you think of this first image? Let us know your thoughts down below!

Mary Poppins Returns hits theaters on December 25, 2018.

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SOURCE: Disney (via Slash Film)

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