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Looks like Masters of the Universe needs to keep looking for a new director. When last we heard, David S. Goyer was in talks to helm, and last month, it was even rumored to begin production this coming April. They’ll be lucky to hit that date, if this latest report is to be believed (and I totally believe it).

According to Variety, David S. Goyer has officially passed on the film due to other commitments. The filmmaker had written a draft of the script for the film last fall that had the studio on board so much that they wanted him to direct.

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Sadly, Goyer is working on a mini-series called Foundation, which is an adaptation of an Irving Asimov sci-fi trilogy, and as such found himself unable to make the December 2019 release date. As stated above, the film was rumored to get in front of cameras this April, and if they want to hit that (or at least get somewhere in the neighborhood of a few months past it), they’ll need to work fast to lock down a director.

Like many franchise properties in Hollywood, Masters of the Universe is one of those many that’s been in development for forever. It’s gone through numerous iterations and directors, and when all said and done, I’d personally be surprised if they’re able to lock down a director in the next several months in time to hit that release date.

But of course, when it counts, Hollywood is good at speeding up the process, so we’ll have to wait and see if they’re able to make it work.

Who would you like to see direct Masters of the Universe? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Variety

  • HaroldNMaudeDib

    I love He-Man. You love He-Man. We don’t need this movie. We don’t want this movie. Don’t say good bye. Say… good journey.

    • Victor Roa

      a funko pop figure of Orko would be enough

    • Lenin1959

      It’s a sexist name. After Man-Ape not being called Man-Ape for pc reasons, I insist on He-Man being called It-Person.

      • randomironicname

        If you keep making that same joke ten times a day, eventually you’ll get a few pity laughs.

        • Lenin1959

          Well, you are definitely somebody who knows about random ironic names like He-Man, right?

  • Victor Roa

    the failed toy line for Conan the Barbarian got re-purposed by Ralph Bakshi where Bruce Timm and John K met and had their first feud now is 15 years too late now has goth club reject David S Groyer the quitting the project. Even if they get a new director they are going to need a new writer to help them out…. so this can keeps getting kicked down the road.

    • randomironicname

      I just can’t picture how this will ever get made. If they take it too seriously it will miss all the nostalgia and camp of the cartoons. If they keep it light and fun, I doubt they could make much money considering the budget that would be required. It’s got to be a nightmare to figure out.

      • Victor Roa

        the thing is they missed their point to make it by over 10 years when the audience was still late 20s early 30s, young enough to have experienced it and old enough to pay for it. It’s the reason why Power Rangers should have worked…. should, the problem with Power Ranger is numerous to name but in general it didn’t hit that nostalgia button like it should instead tried to hit a new audience that wasn’t there while still trying to sell merch.
        but the unique thing about this is, David S Goyer always admitted he’s a hack since Blade 1. This was always a con, and now that he’s bailed even as a director the film is dead, since that was his schtick. He was an idea guy who helped directs write in between dialog of events.

  • randomironicname

    Irving? Irving! Mother fucker, is he the low rent second cousin of Isaac?

  • Ditko

    Haha, Irving Asimov, he says!

  • AndyInCleveland

    I for one am happy about this as the initial images that were released on Twitter make it seem like GoyerGoye confused as to whether he was directing He Man or Robotech.

  • Kindofabigdeal
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