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Solo: A Star Wars Story has had an unorthodox production. After changes in directors and accompanying reshoots, Disney left fans in the dark, showing no footage of the film until a few days ago. The films production issues worried many fans, but the recently released trailer did provide some much needed comfort for the fanbase.

Ron Howard, who has lived his entire life in Hollywood, was brought in to take over directorial duties nearly four months into production. Howard was like the director version of ‘The Wolf” from Pulp Fiction, he fixes problems. The director recently spoke with EntertainmentWeekly and discussed the character of Han Solo.

“Han has survived and proven that he can survive, but he’s never sure he’s as quite as smart as he needs to be. Change that. He’s not really ‘smart.’ That’s not the word he used. Han’s not as on top of it as he needs to be. So he wants to give the appearance of [control], but in fact, he’s often scrambling. I think Harrison played that beautifully, and Alden and I talked about both of those ideas a lot.”

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Some fans felt that the way Alden Ehrenreich played the role of Han Solo was too light, that he was too happy. However this is a young Han, that seems more optimistic than cynical. It is likely something in the film will swing his personality to the more bitter and skeptical Captain Solo that we all know and love.

I ultimately think Ehrenreich will be able to pull of the character, and am looking forward to another great entry into the Anthology series.

How do you think the character of Han Solo is being handled? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

  • Danny B

    Mr Howards remarks do make sense but I’m still not totally convinced…so i’ll be there on opening night anyway just like the rest of you will. Don’t pretend you’re sooooo upset with TLJ that you’re going to stay at home and stroke your own Wookie instead.

  • Sy Burr

    Going to pass and wait for Lando 2: Electric Boogaloo.

    • Kindofabigdeal

      No, it’s called By Lando, By Sea

  • Lenin1959

    Who is that guy who is hanging around with Chewie?

  • Victor Roa

    …. what is “smart” in a universe where luke, rey and Anakin main character trait is “I change him”?