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*This post contains spoilers for Kingsman: The Golden Circle*


One of the more recent, and better takes on the espionage genre, Kingsman: The Secret Service, is set to have the franchises second installment, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, released on Friday. The original film, which starred Colin Firth and Taron Edgerton, had Samuel L. Jackson in the role of the villain, and brought viewers the story of an up and coming secret service agent. With the release of the sequel just a couple days away, it appears that Director Matthew Vaughn has already looked to the future for the third movie in the series. Vaughn recently spoke with Screen Rant about what a third installment of Kingsman might look like.

“We have a big plan for number 3. If you look at the ending of number 2, every single character is on the cusp of a new adventure which is set up – I hope, everyone’s thinking a question mark for what’s going to happen to these guys next.”

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It is always nice when a director is looking ahead, it always seems to make for a more cohesive story overall, as opposed to making a sequel with no real story left to tell. Having said that, the studio could theoretically continue making Kingsman films the same way 007 films have been made for a long, long time. Vaughn has also expressed that he would like to see Kingsman spinoffs. I enjoyed the original film, as I am a sucker for movies with secret agencies or societies and their operatives. I will definitely be checking out the sequel as soon as I can. The Kingsman films are based on a series of comic books written by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons.

Kingsman The Golden Circle opens this Friday, September 22.

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Source: Screen Rant

  • Weresmurf

    Send ’em to Australia! We make BEER down here damn it. You could have the Stockmen!!! Hell, throw in actors like David Gulpill, Hugo Weaving, Ernie Dingo and Geoffrey Rush as the leaders of the Bushmen, with David Gulpill as the leader (you’ve GOTTA have Indigenous representation in there). I’d also throw in Liam Hemsworth.

    Then, go all out, have the whips the yanks have, but a bit rougher, except now with the Indigenous Australians in the mix in the organisation, they have laser edged boomerangs and didgeridoos secretly containing rocket launchers.

    Then, name them after our animals: “Emu, Kangaroo, Wombat, Wallaby, Echidna, Platypus, Dingo, Numbat, Brownsnake and Taipan”.

    But it’d be vital to have Indigenous Australians play a huge part in the organisation, given they’re a massive part of Australian history AND a massive part of Australia’s stockman history in places such as Queensland, the Northern territory and Western Australia (a place SO vast you could easily have a badguys fort pop up with noone noticing…).

    Yes, after seeing this today, my son and I launched into a full conversation about how awesome it would be to see the Kingsmen come to our country and have all aspects of our culture represented 😛


      Guest starring, Paul Hogan! Make it so,number one!

      • Weresmurf

        Oh man how did I miss the obvious… have to make him “Crocodile”

        • TAPIT DRIvER

          Of course,mate 😉