– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Cinematic adaptations of video game properties have quite a spotty history in Hollywood. To be frank, most of them stink. For whatever reason, big studios tend to find a way to sap the characters and story lines that made the games enjoyable of their charm. Maybe they just don’t “get” the games they’re adapting? Maybe it’s the kind of issue that Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto has described, where the two mediums are just so different that it’s hard to translate what is supposed to be an interactive experience into a passive one? Hard to say.

But still, that doesn’t stop Hollywood from trying.

The latest video game to get the green light to jump to the big screen is Capcom’s beloved Mega Man. According to Tracking Board, the project is a Go. One apparent notch on the positive side for this production is that it’s being handled by Chernin Entertainment- the shingle that has struck gold recently with their reboot of the Planet of The Apes franchise, and whose Spy earned raves earlier this year. 

Mega Man could be a fun, lighthearted sci-fi adventure if placed in the right hands. It certainly has a dedicated base of fans, who have supported the franchise since it debuted in 1987. In recent years, the games have pleased fans by embracing nostalgia and going for a retro type of cool, as opposed to doing what many other franchises have done- which is to try and take full advantage of newer technology in an attempt to evolve the gameplay experience. 

Maybe that approach would work for a film adaptation? If they made a Wreck-It Ralph style animated picture that fully embraced Mega Man‘s colorful, 8-bit, 80s retro feel? What do you think?

SOURCE: Tracking Board

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