– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Like many other warmblooded Americans, I looked on in horror as a kid as Ivan Dragon landed a fatal blow to Rocky’s friend and ally Apollo Creed. It was a fight that brought about an emotional journey to Rocky Balboa, and to some of us, it was also an early instance of seeing a beloved character bite the dust on the big screen (though when I watched it it was on VHS).

With the upcoming Creed II, we will be once again addressing the ramifications of that historic movie moment. Adonis Creed will be going head-to-head with Viktor Drago, the son of Ivan. However, if you think this movie is going to just be a straight-up revenge tale, prepare yourself for disappointment.

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“Viktor’s storyline is very layered,” star Michael B. Jordan revealed to the Toronto Sun. “The two guys are similar in a lot of ways… Adonis feels, naturally, a certain animosity towards Viktor and Ivan, and then there are other themes in there: the maturity of growth, the importance of family, of legacy, is what makes Creed so special. It’s not just about revenge. It’s about a lot of things… If we get that lesson across, then I think we’ve made a pretty special movie.”

I’m happy to hear there will be some layers to this one. It wouldn’t be terribly excited to see Adonis go in and try to take Viktor down in the ring just because his dad killed his own. There have to be some extra elements that either elevate the stakes or complement them.

At the end of the day, Rocky IV was a goofy movie, but with the first Creed, they committed to a more grounded, grayer world, where things aren’t necessarily so black-and-white. Making sure this isn’t just a straight-up revenge tale is something I think will help bolster that idea.

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SOURCE: The Toronto Sun

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