– by Seth McDonald

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Bay will be a producer on a big screen adaptation of Dora the Explorer. Yes, you read that correctly, the master of explosions, will be producing the cinematic version of the beloved children’s show. Nick Stoller (NeighborsThe Muppets) will write the script for the film. The film is thought to focus on an older version of Dora, likely a version in her teenage years.

This is one of the odder bits of news I have come across in some time. Michael Bay provides a certain type of cinematic experience, one that doesn’t necessarily lineup with Dora The Explorer. While he is the man behind the Transformers franchise that was originally intended for children, this situation is a bit different. Transformers was more easily adaptable to what Bay is known for, as opposed to Dora the Explorer which had a heavy focus on being an educational program.

Of course, it’s worth highlighting that he’s only hopping on as producer. If he does take on the role of director, I think we’d all be be forgiven for being more than a little confused.

The studio is hoping for a 2019 release.

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Source: THR