– by Joseph Jammer Medina


Michael Douglas, the prolific actor that is set to bring some gravitas to Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man film, sat down with MTV to discuss the film a bit. Amongst the topics discussed were the way the script came together, with Douglas praising the way Marvel’s process starts with great broad strokes and then refines it down to something more precise, as well as he and Paul Rudd donning costumes.

In terms of Rudd, Douglas squashes any concerns that the actor would be a scrawny Scott Lang. Despite Ant-Man not being known for his buff build, there’s a certain standard set for actors that are going to portray superheroes on the big screen and Douglas reveals that Rudd is very much in the right shape for the role.

“Paul Rudd is ripped. He’s been training and working out for this picture for a long time. He was so cut, that they had to soften his costume up, with all the built-in six-packs and all of that.”

This quote came to pass as an answer to whether or not we’d get to see him suit up, since he’s playing the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym, in the film. He quickly brushes off that idea with a fairly emphatic “Uh, yeah…No,” and later comments again that his suit “will be hung up.

If you’d like to see the clip in its entirety, you can check it out below:

Marvel’s Ant-Man will launch the studio’s Phase Three of superhero films on July 17, 2015- two months after Avengers: Age of Ultron takes over the world. 


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