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Morbius Cuts – Looks Like Some Bait And Switch From The Trailers In A Messy Movie

Awful Morbius Post-Credit Scene Description SPOILERS

There are reports of some quite severe Morbius cuts doing the rounds. The bait and switch is string on this one from Sony. Reportedly many of the scenes shown in the trailer which hinted at Morbius being in a wider Universe have been cut from the final movie. Those who claim to have seen rough cuts or more of the film are saying the movie is messy and definitely does not connect to the MCU in any way. As for those Michael Keaton scenes shown in the trailer? Apparently all cut apart from one small post-credit scene with Keaton. That trailer shot where we see a poster of Spider-Man? That’s seemingly not even in the final movie either.

If these reports, of which I’ll share a few below are true, then Sony has pulled off a real bait and switch with Morbius. The trailers show us a ton of Keaton as Adrian Toomes and yet, he’s mostly cut from the final movie. Once again no Spider-Man to speak of despite again there being hints in the trailer. So what happened? Was this always just a marketing strategy from Sony to make us think Morbius would have MCU connections? After all, it got writers like me talking about it a lot after that first trailer hit, though that was also a long time ago now.

Check out a few social media posts I cam across, but by no means is this all that’s out there once you get into fan forums and comments from others who have reportedly seen the same cut of the movie. The first one that led me on this search was the post by Tom Smith seen below.

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The last one is obviously subjective and opinions of a movies quality will always vary to some degree. However i think it’s clear that a cut of this movie is out there are what people are seeing is not the movie they expected from the trailers.

I do have a theory, but this is purely speculation folks, no insider info here whatsoever. I think we have to remember how old Morbius actually is. That first trailer for Morbius premiered on January 13th, 2020. That was now well over 2 years ago. That would mean to me that filming was all completed prior to the announcement that Disney and Sony had come to an agreement on a third Spider-Man MCU movie. That momentous occasion was September 27th, 2019.

I always said I guessed Sony would try to just carry on as if Holland was on their universe the whole time, so that it would appear like the Sony movies were MCU despite there being no crossover possibilities. I’ll therefore guess that Morbius was filmed with that in mind. Then after Morbius has principal in the can, the deal between Disney and Sony happens. A few month’s after and we get the first Morbius trailer. The Morbius movie is then delayed a lot, to the point where it still has not released.

I know there was COVID, but I don’t think that accounts for all the delays. Anyway, that’s where my head is going with this story. I am also far less excited to see Morbius. I’ll now wait till I can catch it for free on streaming.

Thoughts below on these Morbius cuts and the bait and switch from Sony on the trailer.

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