– by Joseph Jammer Medina

At this year’s C2E2 panel for the upcoming fighting game Mortal Kombat 11 in which LRM Online was in attendance, it was revealed during a particularly gruesome trailer that audiences would get to play as Noob Saibot. The character first showed up as a secret character in Mortal Kombat II, where he was sort of a dark counterpart of the other ninja characters. But this time around, he has kind of a revised look.

“Noob Saibot was just another palette-swapped ninja. Basically, we needed to make another character from what we had,” Mortal Kombat 11 creator Ed Boon reflected during the panel. “We created Noob Saibot. So he was just this hidden character. And over the years we’ve introduced some story, a backstory, and more nuance and more nuance, until it gets to this point.”

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The conversation then turned to writer Dominic Cianciolo, who discussed Saibot’s origin and the idea of adding layers to the mythology of the franchise.

“The idea that he was the original Sub-Zero turned wraith. That was pre-MK9. Now here in MK11, we are really paying off the rivalry between Bi-Han and Kuai Lang and what they stand for. Bi-Han was all into the very evil version of the Lin Kuei, and the Kuai Lang rejecting that and trying to build a new Lin Kuei. It’s not only through the story mode, but also in the intros…all of this content really rounds out that story. It continues to get more in-depth. As we’re writing this, we’re always trying to add layers to what the history of Mortal Kombat is.”

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