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Remember the mystery character from The Lord of the Rings poster? That mysterious character is rumored to be Finrod Felagund, the brother of Galadriel. If you have no idea what I am talking about? Look thee upwards and gaze upon said mysterious character in the header.

Before I get into some reasons why this makes a lot of sense, let’s start with the initial social media post from Fellowship of Fans who claimed the character was Galadriel’s brother. However we are given three choices of brothers to choose from. Finrod, Angrod, and Aegnor. Why Orodreth, the fourth brother is not a possibility I don’t know, because I have no idea the context here? Check it out.

All four of the brother’s had important events around them in the First Age of Tolkien’s world. However, save Finrod, none survived into the Second Age where this show is set. Now, that’s not to say Finrod was present either, he had actually left Middle-earth by this point and gone back to Valinor. However Finrod was a major player in some of the most important events of the First Age. Finrod is also the eldest sibling, who eventually became Lord of Nargothrond. Finrod also had direct dealings with Sauron himself, who of course will become the great evil of the Second Age. Lastly, Finrod was a great friend of the Dwarven people and it was they who names him Felagund.

We know that the image above is not from the time the show is set. The presence of the Two Trees as light sources clearly marks this as First Age. Before in fact Finrod and Galadriel left Valinor for Middle-earth. However I do wonder whether the journey of Galadriel and Finrod to Middle-earth may be shown? Check this out.

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Now this could be describing that journey. Galadriel, her brothers and her Uncle Fingolfin were all left behind by Feanor after the Kinslaying. Feanor, who’s obsession with the loss of his greatest work to thieving Morgoth, drives him mad, leaves his own family behind as he takes ships to Middle-earth. However Galadriel and her kin are determined to make it across and so journey across the only land bridge between the lands, the Helcaraxe. Not too much is known about this journey other than that eventually Galadriel and her kin made it to the other side, though many of their friends did not.

If Galadriel is one of he leads of the show, there could be a prologue showing her journey to where we meet her in the Second Age? Though, that is some journey I have to say. Getting to Middle-earth is long enough, but then you have an entire First Age which lasts 587 years to go through before we get to even close to the timeline of the show. Therefore this mysterious character rumored to be Finrod, as you can see, probably makes most sense IF that’s where we start.

Phew, there it all is. Of course all of this is dependent on the source being correct. All I can see is this FoF does seem to have a decent hit rate for Lord of the Rings so far, even if there’s not been much. However as always, take all this with your regular sodium intake.

The mystery character from The Lord Of The Rings poster is rumored to be Finrod. Now you know the reasons why, what do you think? Thoughts below as always.

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