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Aladdin: Naomi Scott on a Whole New Jasmine [Exclusive Interview]

It’s a whole new world for Jasmine.

This weekend’s Aladdin may be a reimagining of the original beloved animated film—it is updated to give Jasmine a larger role that reflects the world today.

Naomi Scott plays the Disney princess Jasmine in the live-action version of Aladdin. In the film, she plays a strong advocate for the suffering and poor. Additionally, new songs were added for Scott to sing in this updated version musical film.

The film is directed by Guy Ritchie. It also stars Will Smith, Mena Massoud and Marwan Kenzari.

LRM Online had an exclusive phone interview earlier this month with Naomi Scott. She excitedly told us about the updated Jasmine in her role for the film, along with new songs.

The multi-talented actor’s career has a tremendous upward trajectory after playing Kimberly (Pink Ranger) in the 2017’s Power Rangers. She has also been in The 33 with Antonio Banderas and Rodrigo Santoro. She will be in the reboot of the upcoming Charlie’s Angels.

Aladdin is playing nationwide in theaters tonight.

Read our exclusive interview below.

LRM: Let’s talk about this movie Aladdin. How does it feel to be in a movie that you were born right after the original animation came out?

Naomi Scott: [Laughs] It’s funny that you say that. It just shows on how the movie is so timeless. I remembered it clearly when I was seven. But, really it’s not that case. It became such a big part of my childhood with around that age. Then I realized that the movie came out before I was born. The movie came out ages ago, but it was a big part of my childhood. It was really strange.

LRM: How different, yet similar is Aladdin and in particular with your character, Jasmin, to the original movie?

Naomi Scott: The movie is amazing. It gives you a nostalgic feeling. It gives all those feelings from the original movie. To me, it kept all the original foundations of the movie, but they made sure to make Jasmine even more ambitious. What I liked about her is that she was speaking up to what she believed in and standing up for the right to choose. Not only she was fighting for her own choice, but she was also fighting for the people of Agrabah. She supported the people that she loved. At the beginning of the movie, that was her objective. I think that was so important. That’s the main thing, she has this lovely arc and realizes the time is now. She has to speak up against injustice.

This is what I loved about the adaptation of this character. It’s humanizing the animation. It was a lot of work. She’s the woman I strived to be.

LRM: I understand there’s a new song for Aladdin with you. How developing and singing for that new song?

Naomi Scott: The song is the perfect embodiment of my character. It’s about speaking out against injustice and that they can’t shut you down. First of all, it’s a timely thing that everyone could relate to. She has Jafar and she’s got her father for different reasons telling her she should just be quiet basically. She goes through this journey to realize her actions do matter and what she says does matter. She’s going speak out against injustice. That song is going to be that focal point. In the movie, she makes that decision. The song is so powerful. It is quite emotional as well. I think it’s very relatable to all young girls and many adults who has been shut down at some point. Your voice matters. It is a great message to tell kids to be speaking out against injustice even if you’re not going to win. Honestly, it’s incredible to have this in the movie. It’s pretty special.

LRM: There’s going to be so much action, singing and dancing. Does your musical background help you better prepare for this role as Jasmine?

Naomi Scott: Music is such a huge part of this movie. It’ll be a little bit different. They brought tremendous energy to the songs. With Will Smith coming from a hip hop background–you’ll hear the modern feel and new perspective that I think it is fresh. I love singing. I love dancing. I got to do all the things that I loved. It feels incredible. It was really amazing as well to me when you have those things it’ll do quite well.

LRM: The Internet was lit on fire with the reveal of Will Smith’s genie. Do you feel any high pressure for this movie, especially since it’s going to be tracking to be one of the largest memorial day weekend movies here in the United States?

Naomi Scott: When you put it like that. It’s funny you say that. I could feel many sorts of things as the film is about to be out. At the end of the day, I’m excited for people to see it. This is a movie that something we believe in. Even as an actor, we put everything on the table. Everything has come together. Just watch the movie and you’ll feel everything is amazing. It’s so magical. I’m just excited. Will Smith is very good in this movie. When you think of [the Genie], you’ll think that what Robin Williams did is so incredible that he brought his personality. That’s exactly what Will did. He’s bringing the magic of Will Smith to the character. No one else can play this Genie except for him.

LRM: Thank you very much, Naomi. I really appreciate this conversation.

Naomi Scott: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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Source: LRM Online Exclusive

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