– by Joseph Jammer Medina

If there is a list of properties that really don’t need rebooting, it certainly includes the likes of King Arthur, Robin Hood, and probably The Three Musketeers. That being said, regarding that latter one, it’s not a story I’ve seen really extend beyond a pretty standard adaptation. Perhaps this news regarding Netflix will convince me this is a story worth re-telling — even if I’ve seen it 87 times.

According to THR, the Alexandre Dumas novel is set to be adapted by Netflix, but it won’t be getting a standard take (thank goodness). Instead, it will be revamped in a modern setting. The development is being handled by Harrison Query, who pitched the idea to Netflix. In terms of its style, the film is said to be Mission: Impossible in tone, which isn’t the most expected direction, but pretty cool.

If you’ve somehow gone your whole life not knowing what The Three Musketeers is, it’s a story set in 17th century France that follows a young man who wants to be a Musketeer — or a member of the king’s guard. He isn’t able to join, but ends up meeting three of them, “becoming embroiled with them in an adventure involving court intrigue and espionage.”

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This isn’t the first thing Query sold to Netflix. Back in 2017, he sold a film called Warparty, which is produced by Ridley Scott, co-written and directed by Andrew Dominik, and is starring Tom Hardy. Additionally, he’s sold a couple projects to Lionsgate, so he’s a talent we should be keeping an eye on.

But what do you think of a modern take on The Three Musketeers? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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