– by Anthony Esteves

With less than two months until the premiere of the upcoming Halloween sequel, franchise fanatics are eagerly counting down the days until they see their favorite heroine face-off against their favorite slasher. Official and fan-run social media accounts for the film franchise have been filled with Michael Myers-related content, giving their followers small doses of Halloween content from the past and present to temporarily quench their thirst for The Shape and his target, Laurie Strode.

Today, they get something new.

In a Fall movie “must-see” list done by USA Today, a new set photo from the film has been released. In it, Jamie Lee Curtis is in character as Laurie Strode, seeming to prepare herself for an inevitable attack from the crazed serial killer that killed her friends and attacked her forty years prior.

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This approach to Laurie is an exciting turn for the character. In the past, even when she makes attempts to fight back, there’s still that element of fear that comes over her. Even in Halloween H20, when she takes the fight to Michael in the third act, there was still that control the fear had over her in the first two acts. A need to just survive was where her mindset was.

Now, with what has been presented lately, it seems we will definitely be getting a Laurie who is hell-bent on having a rematch with her attacker. She has a makeshift gun range. She has knifes. She’s rugged and focused. She’s spent the last forty years preparing. Just like Dr. Loomis (portrayed by the late great Donald Pleasance) in the classic film when he explained that Michael had spent the past fifteen years focused on this very night, Halloween night, Laurie has spent the past forty years planning for the one night where she would get revenge on the psychopath that altered her life forever.

Laurie is a victim no more. It is no longer Hunter vs Prey. It is now Hunter vs Hunter, and on October 19th, we’ll see who survives.

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Source: USA Today.