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It seems that Warner Bros. can’t fully decide on how best to go about approaching the marketing for Justice League. On one hand, we know that Superman is coming back (despite his death in Batman v Superman) — it’s the Justice League…he HAS to come back — and on the other, they don’t necessarily want to SPOIL his return to those less invested in the world. The marketing so far has consisted mostly of the other five members of the Justice League, but on the occasional piece of concept art for materials, we’ve seen Superman, who looks pretty much the same as we’ve seen him in the past.

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In this latest poster from MightyPrint, we get a chance to see the Justice League all together and ready to fight. This includes one Supes, who hovers above the rest of the group.

Check it out below:

While a good number of these visual assets may be recycled from other marketing material, it is nice to actual see the entire group together ready to face off against the likes of Steppenwolf and his Parademons. Of course, at this point, we still have no idea how Superman will make his triumphant return. My real question is why he’s been out of commission for as long as he has. At the end of Batman v Superman, we saw the dirt on his coffin rise, and with that, we can assume, he proceeded to break out of it.

So why the delay? Why do they spend a good chunk of the movie without him? Was he simply doing his best to recover while bathing in the sun? As a lifelong fan of Dragon Ball Z, this all feels very much like a Goku situation, with the rest of the gang virtually stalling as the main hero sits in his rejuvenation chamber, in hopes that he won’t be too late.

Are you excited to see Superman join forces with the rest of the Justice League? Let us know down below!

Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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SOURCE: MightyPrint (via Screen Rant)

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