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New Report Implies Ray Fisher Made WB Accusations After Being Offered Small Role In The Flash Movie

Ray Fisher won't work for Walter Hamada

Ray Fisher was apparently offered a role in The Flash. Was that somehow connected to his accusations?

The whole Ray Fisher vs. Warner Bros. situation has always been interesting. On one end, we have a fairly low-profile actor from a big franchise calling out a director and producers for their behavior. Over the months, this issue has seemingly escalated to the studio proper, given how Warner Bros. has responded. In two reported instances, they tried their best to drown out Fisher with other announcements. In one other instance, they tried to discredit him outright by claiming he wasn’t cooperating with investigators.

But where did this whole thing begin? Fisher has implied many times that it’s taken him a while to build his case against Joss Whedon, Jon Berg, Geoff Johns, and Warner Bros., hence is attacks against them in recent months. However, a new report from TheWrap implies that the catalyst could have come much later.

According to the outlet’s two insiders, Ray Fisher was offered a cameo role in the upcoming standalone Flash film just prior to his first tweet on the situation. The implication from the outlet is that Fisher only started making his public accusations because he…wanted a bigger role? The outlet doesn’t state it outright, but the implications are all too clear based on the context. The report could have very well been “Fisher Was Offered Cameo in the Flash,” but instead it roped in the accusation, drawing a very clear connection.

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The outlet states that Fisher has not given an answer to Warner Bros.’ offer.

Anyway, when asked about the offer by TheWrap, here’s what was said:

“Mr. Fisher is, and has been, under contract with WB Pictures since 2014,” Fisher’s team at Paradigm Agency and Management 360 said in a statement. “Per the terms of that pre-negotiated contract, the option to include Mr. Fisher as the character of Victor Stone (aka Cyborg) has always rested in the hands in WB Pictures.”

The outlet stated that this was a sidestep of the question, but the statement seems clear. If Warner Bros. wanted Ray Fisher in the film, they could do it, as Fisher was contractually obligated to do so. Though, to the outlet’s credit, they still didn’t answer specifically if he was offered the role — but, seriously, in what instance does an actor ever spill the beans on stuff like that? That’s usually saved for an official announcement. 

Personally, this whole report from TheWrap makes me feel a bit icky. While I have no idea how true Fisher’s accusations here are, this article reeks of an agenda. It’s pretty much stating that the only reason Fisher made his accusations was because he wanted a bigger role. Whether or not that’s true cannot be stated yet, but this seems like an irresponsible conclusion to draw. In many ways, it feels like the author of this piece, Umberto Gonzalez, felt the need to draw this connection out of some loyalty to Warner Bros.

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This is especially weird, given that Fisher has apparently not even responded to the studio’s offer for him to return in The Flash. If Fisher truly was upset about having such a small role, you’d think he’d at least try to negotiate. However, the report doesn’t mention them trying to push for more prominence. With that in mind, a connection between Ray Fisher’s sour grapes and the accusations feels off.

Of course, those last two paragraphs are just my opinion on the subject. There are still a lot of unknowns, and as more of the story comes out, I may be changing my tune. As it stands, it’s hard not to see this report as a blatant attack from TheWrap.

What do you think of the new report regarding Ray Fisher making accusations after being offered a small role in The Flash? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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