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Looks like voicing Superman in The LEGO Movie Is The Closest Tatum Will Get To A DC Movie...

Looks like voicing Superman in The LEGO Movie Is The Closest Tatum Will Get To A DC Movie…

There was some well-intentioned speculation that came out yesterday that we would like to put to bed. I’ll start by admitting I was wrong about something. Last week, I was asked if it was worth covering the rumor that Rick Famuyiwa might be joining the DCEU to direct THE FLASH. I declined. My main reason was because the “evidence” was merely a series of twitter follows on his part. I didn’t think it was enough to go on. But then, to my unfortunate surprise, I turned out to be way, way wrong.

So Famuyiwa is now officially directing THE FLASH and is still on a bit of a following spree. Naturally, now all eyes are on who the DOPE director may be working with in the future as he officially enters WB’s DCEU. The folks over at Batman-News posted an intriguing bit of speculation based on the director’s social media habits:

Image Courtesy of Batman-News

Image Courtesy of Batman-News

Yes, Famuyiwa- while adding a ton of DC Films and DC Comics people to his twitter- clicked on Channing Tatum‘s handle as well. When you couple that with the fact that Tatum’s Fox production, GAMBIT, seems to be in limbo with murmurs that the production is in some sort of trouble…you can see how these breadcrumbs could all lead to the conclusion that Tatum was going to abandon GAMBIT and “jump ship” from Fox’s X-Men Cinematic Universe (XCU) to the world of DC.

Hell, I think it’d be cool! Tatum as Kyle Rayner, anyone? 

But, alas, this time around Famuyiwa’s twitter follows weren’t the source of a major story. We reached out to a deeply-embedded source, who spoke with us on a condition of anonymity. The source referred to the speculation as totally off-the-mark, and assured us that Fox was moving forward with GAMBIT, with Tatum fully committed.

While you’re free to continue to speculate and think of this rumor as a possibility, I can comfortably put this one to bed because of who our source is. 

Would you have liked to see Tatum in a DC flick? Are you pumped that GAMBIT is still on the way? What do you make of this chatter? Sound off!

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