– by Campbell Clark

Remember Northern Exposure anyone? Unless you are around my own tender age of 40 or older then you may well not remember it. The show was a staple of CBS from 1990 through to 1995. I was probably a little young for it at the time it began as a mere 12-year-old, but my elder sister loved it and in those days we had one TV in the living room, so by proxy I watched it and learned to love it as she did.

It’s not the kind of series I ever thought they’d bring back, because it seriously took a nose dive as the years went on. It was one of those series which started out as addictive as hell and then faltered by becoming a cliché of itself in later seasons.

However according to a report by THR, CBS are indeed looking to bring back the hit 90’s TV show and it will apparently once again revolve around New York Doctor Joel Fleischman (Rob Morrow), who apparently returns to Alaska for a friends funeral, running into both some old friends and some new quirky characters. Northern Exposure won 7 Emmy’s including best Drama series during its run.

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According to the outlet, this has been discussed by CBS for the last 2 years before committing to the series. Creators Joshua Brand and John Falsey are attached once more with a script from Brand and Falsey acting as producer along with Morrow, another former star John Corbett, and Ben Silverman. Universal Television who produced the original series is all involved with this re-launch of the show.

There are a lot of old shows getting reboot’s or reimagining’s now, so many I won’t take the time to list them all. What I do like about this is they have not gone down the reboot route and are instead happy to play this as a sequel using the same cast members. Of course we have no idea which cast members will return other than Morrow, however, I’d wager John Corbett is also a good bet given his producer status.

I know many of the cast have expressed interest in returning to film more episodes in the past, so I don’t think the production team will have a hard job convincing most of them to return. Check out a small scene between Morrow and Corbett along with the old title sequence for the show to remind yourselves if it’s something you remember.

If you do remember the show are you happy that it looks to be returning to TV screens soon? Sound off below in the usual place as per usual.

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