– by Campbell Clark

Rocky 4 had Dolph Lundgren playing Ivan Drago in his breakout movie. Drago, of course, was the man who killed Apollo Creed before being defeated finally by Rocky. It would be fair to say that Lundgren played Drago as a pretty robotic punching machine with very little emotion, which of course was how the part was written for him.

Now with Creed 2 bringing back Drago as the trainer of his son Viktor, trying to re-establish his name by defeating Adonis Creed the son of Apollo, Lundgren is happy to be able to play this role with a bit more subtlety and range. Speaking with THR, the 61 year old actor said.

“It was my big break, but it also pigeonholed me. People think, ‘He’s a robot and he has no emotions.’ Now I can do the opposite, and it’s very, very satisfying.”

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Lundgren also speaks about how he was typecast after this role and the pain this caused him later in his career.

“That’s what I’m using a lot for Drago, he’s also a guy who has lost everything and suffered a lot, and I’ve suffered a lot in my life.”

It will be interesting to see another side to Drago, that’s not pure physical intimidation, because that’s pretty much all he was in Rocky 4. Whether Creed 2 will provide a satisfying arc for both Ivan and Viktor Drago this time around remains to be seen. After all, we pretty much already know that Viktor is going to ultimately lose to Adonis in this fight. It is a Rocky movie and not Raging Bull after all.

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