Numenor Promo Puts Spotlight On Rings of Power’s Most Powerful Nation

Numenor Promo Puts Spotlight On Rings of Power's Most Powerful Nation

We have a newly released Numenor promo for The Rings of Power and it puts the spotlight on the shows most powerful nation. There is another promo further down, but that one has far less new footage to talk about. The Numenor promo however? As a Tolkien fan, to see Numenor brought to life like this is just pretty, wow! Check it out.

At this point in time Numenor is the military power of Middle-earth by a long way. By the time of The Lord of the Rings movies, Numenor no longer even exists. Instead the cities of Gondor and Arnor (also destroyed by LOTR) are what the surviving Numenoreans built after losing their home.

So to see Numenor at the height of it’s power, and pride, is dazzling. It’s hard to convey how long I’ve spent visualizing this place myself from a few lines of text and a couple of artistic interpretations. So to see this young land with such ancient lineage and technological advancements is so cool. One thing I doubt any Tolkien fan can argue against is the quality of the sets and environments on show in The Rings of Power.

Numenor is the biggest player in this age. The entire Second Age is defined by Numenor and Sauron and his Ring. I can’t wait to see how they pull off the climax of Numenor itself in the show. Though I expect that to be the finale of Season 4 so we’ll have to wait for quite some time.

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There is a second promo released for The Rings of Power. No One Is Safe.

This is fairly short and mostly conveys some alt, or longer shots from things we’ve already seen in other trailers. The impressive aerial shot of what we think is a flashback to a famous First Age battle is fantastic though.

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I love everything I’ve heard and seen about The Rings of Power. Yet, that still doesn’t mean I’m going to like the show. I still have concerns about how the time compression used in this show will effect some details from the mythology.

One example I’ve been thinking about is the connections between Galadriel and Elrond. See Galadriel’s daughter (Celebrian) was born very early in the Second Age. She doesn’t meet Elrond until mid-way through the Second Age, some 1700 years later. Then Elrond and Celebrian are married in the early period of the Third Age, a long time later once more.

In the show, there is no hint of Celeborn, Galadriel’s husband yet. The events being portrayed are pieces from the early Second Age mixed with pieces from the late Second Age thousands of years later, happening all at the same time. I know this show is approved by the Tolkien estate and there are details they cannot change. But I’m not 100% sure it will work in the narrative of the show? I hope it does, but it’s tricky to pull off.

What did you think of this Numenor promo for The Rings of Power. What are your hopes, and/or fears for The Rings of Power? Drop us a message below.

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