Obscure Star Wars Fan Debate Settled By New Novel

Obscure Star Wars Fan Debate Settled By New Novel

A pretty obscure Star Wars fan debate settled by a new novel!

Yesterday StarWars.com featured an excerpt from the upcoming Star Wars: Queen’s Hope by E.K. Johnston.  The book features the wedding of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala, However some self reflection from Anakin settles an obscure Star Wars fan debate years in the making. In Attack of the Clones, did Anakin Skywalker hear Qui-Gon Jinn’s voice before he attacked the Sandpeople? Or, due to the way the scene is cut, was that Yoda actually feeling Qui-Gon’s presence through Anakin’s pain?

Now, there will be Star Wars fans out there already declaring ‘who cares?’ But if you were a part of the leaks and speculation game for the prequels, like I was, this was a big debate amongst fans. The way the scene was cut leaves both options open to interpretation. Remember, whilst they were making Revenge of the Sith, fans were only sure about certain aspects of the PT finale. The rest was completely up for debate. We also have to remember that all fans were wondering why there was no Force Ghosts yet and that was the first time we heard a voice from the ether.

Before we get to the (certain to be anti-climactic) answer, where did I stand at the time? No. I was on the no train and here were my reasons.

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Despite Anakin’s obvious strength I never felt he was near far enough on his journey to sense Qui-Gon at that time. I referenced Yoda’s training in Empire, when he told Luke that when he is calm he can sense old friends long gone etc. My logic was that since Anakin was in a rage, he would not be attuned to Qui-Gon. I also claimed it would be poetic if it was Qui-Gon’s attachment to Anakin which allowed him to come back. Thus when Yoda glimpses this in Anakin’s pain, it starts him on a path. That path will eventually lead to Luke’s training and the ultimate redemption of Anakin Skywalker. It’s more poetic/prophetic, isn’t it?

At least that seemed better to me than the alternative of Anakin hearing Qui-Gon and ignoring this odd sensation. So, guess which one was confirmed?….. Yup.

It was Anakin who heard the voice of Qui-Gon. In the book he reflects on the event and does some mental gymnastics around what he did. Actually that does make sense for where Anakin is at the point this novel is set. However, I’m not prepared to throw the towel in yet. No sir! You see, whilst Anakin did hear Qui-Gon’s voice, there is nothing here to tell us Yoda did not also hear Qui-Gon here for the first time? So for at least a short time, until some the book comes out, my romantic head canon remains intact.

So there you go! Thanks for taking the time to glimpse what it’s like to be an older Star Wars fan. Any thoughts as this obscure Star Wars fan debate settled by a new novel? As always, leave any thing you have below.

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