– by Seth McDonald

According to Deadline another sequel to the action/buddy cop franchise Lethal Weapon is being considered. In on the talks are stars Mel Gibson, Danny Glover and the director of the original film, Richard Donner. Donner would return to direct and it is thought that the film’s script would be penned by Channing Gibson, who wrote Lethal Weapon 4.

With Fox is currently airing a series based off of the movies that stars Damon Wayans, there probably isn’t a better time to sort of bring the franchise back to life. Gibson was great as Martin Riggs, the detective that plays by his own rules to get the job done, and Glover’s Roger Murtaugh provided a nice counter balance to the team.

This is a franchise that overstayed its welcome during its original run, it supplied a product that wasn’t in great demand anymore. That doesn’t mean it can’t have a strong comeback, with the right mix of what made the original film great, another Lethal Weapon movie could bring back one of cinema’s best buddy cop teams in a big way. Perhaps they can borrow the script that the gang used on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, for their own version of a fifth film.

Is Murtaugh was getting too old for this s**t? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: Deadline