– by Emmanuel Gomez

The last week has been filled with Justice League images, character teaser trailers and finally a full trailer. With that we have learned that the League will in fact have their hands full with parademons and mother boxes. Also that although we know that Superman will have an impact in the film, we still don’t know how soon or late he will come back to life. We saw a lot of focus on Cyborg and Aquaman who no doubt had some of the best moments overall. With a lot of the focus on the King of Atlantis, a certain actor playing a relative of his made his presence known on Twitter. 

The Hollywood Reporter posted a video of the Justice League trailer yesterday with the question “Why are bad guys in superhero team-up movies always faceless drones?”. To everyone’s surprise one of the responses came from Patrick Wilson who responded by tweeting “not for long” and tagging the director of the upcoming Aquaman film James Wan. This is significant because Partick Wilsion is playing Aquaman’s villainous half brother Orm otherwise known as Ocean Master. We have already got a chance to see Queen Mera in the Justice League trailer, could it be possible that maybe Orm makes a quick cameo appearance in Justice League? Or is this just a tease for the future Aquaman project? A tweet like that has me thinking of Ocean Master’s character and how it will be portrayed, especially with seeing how great Aquaman looks so far.



Although the films have not as good as expected, it is great to see the DC Universe begin to expand from just Batman and Superman. With the release of the Justice League we will begin to see so many more characters that have been stuck in the comics for decades. Characters like Aquaman need to have a good showing in order to have momentum going into his own film, which of course will include Partrick Wilson’s portrayal of Ocean Master.

Justice League is set to hit theaters November 17th, 2017

What DC character are you looking forward to seeing on the big screen?

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