– by Anthony Esteves

Credit: Guy D'Alema/FOX

Credit: Guy D’Alema/FOX

With Asim Naseri on the run, Eric’s day is nowhere near being over. It doesn’t matter that he just survived a beating from terrorists. It doesn’t matter that after his brother’s rescue attempt, he survived a surgical air strike. It doesn’t matter that CTU now has Jadalla Bin-Khalid in custody. From the moment Eric saw Naseri, his primary objective has changed. He needs to find him as soon as possible.

Why? Asim Naseri was Bin-Khalid senior’s bodyguard. He posed as a translator for Eric’s unit in order to gain access to their highest value asset… and murder he and his family, decapitating the children.

That’s a pretty good reason.

Through CTU, Eric discovers that Naseri contacted via cell phone a residence belonging to Jennifer Marshall. What he doesn’t know is that Jennifer Marshall is tied to a chair, strapped with a bomb vest and being filmed and used as leverage against a CTU guard in charge of watching Jadalla. After disposing of the terrorist ally posing as Jennifer, Eric takes a picture of the vest without conflicting with the camera angle and sends it to CTU for schematics. With a bomb unit being too far away, Eric ultimately decides that he’ll have to try to disarm the vest with the help of CTU.

Meanwhile, John takes his father home after removing him from Rebecca and Tony’s interrogation facility. John tells his assistant Nilaa to call the party chair and inform him that he wants to meet. John plans to withdraw from the race after the day’s events. However, Henry disapproves, stating that he’s covered his tracks and no one will ever know of his connection to the attacks. John, disgusted, wants no part of the conversation and leaves the room.

John eventually calls Rebecca, who is back at CTU preparing to question Jadalla. The two make amends, blaming the events of the day behind the steps that were taken. John agrees to meet Rebecca at CTU, where they can talk it out. Rebecca then heads into the room where Jadalla is located. She offers him a deal if he gives up all the information he has on Naseri. Jadalla states that he knows no one of that name and when shown a picture, he says his name is Hasim. As Rebecca leaves the room to talk to the analyst checking Jadalla’s readings, Jadalla is noticeably disturbed about what he has learned about the man he thought was Hasim.

With all the excitement at CTU, no one is paying attention to CTU guard Steven, Jennifer Marshall’s boyfriend. He obtains schematics and allows the van Naseri is in access through the main gate. Once done there, Steven takes three of his fellow guards hostage at gunpoint, disarming them of their weapons. He then makes his way into Jadalla’s holding room, frees him of his restraints and begins to move him slowly out of the building.

Back at their place, Nicole shifts through the mess left behind, eventually finding a letter she had never seen before. The letter is from Rebecca to Eric, offering him employment as an agent at CTU. Nicole is distraught over this, questioning Eric’s motives for staying where they are. Isaac comforts her as the two embrace. Before things take a step too far, Nicole breaks away from him and leaves the room.


In Jennifer Marshall’s basement, CTU has created a video loop of Jennifer in her chair and have run it on repeat into Naseri’s camera. With that decoy set, Eric is walked through the defusing process by Theo back at CTU. Although he successfully disconnects the wiring, due to Jennifer’s hysterical fear and impatience, her jerking movements cause the ten-second countdown backup detonator to be armed. Eric is able to throw the vest far enough and find cover for he, Jennifer and a tactical CTU operative as the vest explodes. After the explosion, Eric asks Jennifer what connection she may have to all of this. She tells him her boyfriend Steven works for CTU.

Rebecca moves in, gun drawn, on Steven just as he’s approaching the exit with Jadalla. Steven stops and places his gun against Jadalla. Rebecca attempts to talk him down, telling Steven that Jennifer is safe and no longer in danger. Just as he begins to lower his gun, Naseri fires a bullet through Steven’s head. Rebecca runs for cover as Naseri’s man fire back, grab Jadalla and move forward. As they move toward theirvan, they come across Jon Donovan and his bodyguards. With a few well placed shots, the bodyguards are dead and Jon is in the hands of terrorists. As Rebecca, Keith and CTU security move in, Naseri sets off explosives in the hallway that knock them off their feet. When they regain their senses, the van is gone. Naseri has successfully freed Jadalla Bin-Khalid and are holding Senator John Donovan hostage.

CTU is scrambling to find Naseri. A vehicle checkpoint is no match for the firepower of Naseri’s crew as they fire their way through the it. Alone in the basement of Jennifer Marshall’s residence, Eric can only listen to the chaos he is hearing at CTU over his earpiece. He slowly sits down, his eyes moving rapidly as his emotional state is pushed to the extreme by these enemies from his past. There is no doubt our hero is questioning how much more he is able to take in what is undoubtedly the longest day of his life.

And the clock ticks down to 9:00pm…