– by Seth McDonald

An interesting crossover video has surfaced on the YouTube channel MorningRaccoon. The video shows a battle between everyone’s favorite dancing clown, Pennywise (from IT), and DC’s Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker.

The video starts with the Joker locked in solitary confinement, it isn’t lock before he is disturbed and his cell door is opened. A gift has been left for the Joker, a red balloon. From there the Joker’s mental torment begins. The Joker wakes up free and on the streets of Gotham City, where everyone ignores him. He is then terrorized by visions of Batman, Harley Quinn, and Jason Todd, the Robin that Joker killed. The video ultimately comes down the Joker overcoming these visions for one last fight with Pennywise.

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This battle of clowns never crossed my mind, it did prove to be quite the showdown. Videos like this are why YouTube is the best thing since the internet itself. It gives everyone the chance to provide content, not all of it is good of of course, but a good deal of it is. With YouTube, regular people can provide fan service to other fans. A video like this would probably never be made without YouTube.

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Source: MorningRacoon