Prison Break: Like Father Like Son

Prison Break has just two episodes left.  Will Michael and the team actively pursue Poseidon in order to take him down?  Will viewers find out what exactly Poseidon really wants? Read on to find out:

Michael Recruited Whip — In a flashback from six years prior, viewers find out that Jacob used to be a professor who planned on breaking people out of prison in order to change the world. He stated the the system is slow, much like the reason Michael broke Linc out of prison. Michael told Jacob that he needed assistance on the missions, and told Jacob he wanted Whip to help him.  We then found out that Whip had been in prison, and did not have a family, so Micahel said that he would be easy to manipulate.  Michael’s plans were obviously deeper than that. Michael had T-Bag confront Whip because…Whip is his long-lost son! I definitely didn’t see this coming.  Michael had done his research on Whip, and knew that he would have the attributes of his father.  Michael probably also wanted to use Whip because he needed T-Bag’s help (as we saw in episode 1) and knew that he would be able to reconnect the two.  Michael sent Whip to Chicago not only to connect him with T-Bag, but to find something he had left.  It appeared to be blood.  Michael wants T-Bag to kill someone, so I think he is going to kill someone with his prosthetic hand and use the blood Whip found in order to frame whomever’s blood it is.  This would explain the gift of the hand in the first place.  This also means that Michael had come up with the idea for Whip, T-Bag, the blood, and the hand well before he left the states (of course he did).  Michael has been plotting his revenge on Poseidon for years.  Vintage Michael Scofield.

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Like Father Like Son — Michael and his son share the same talents.  When Jacob was talking about Michael Jr.’s pirate ship picture, the boy shared that it was actually a map for his friend showing where his Legos were hidden.  The explanation was interesting, and revealed a unique quality that he and Michael Sr. both share. Continuing with this idea, we found out that Michael’s tattoos work very much like they did in Season 1.  Some are Arabic, which lead to certain websites, and other coding structures.  This ended up being a crucial part of the episode as Michael found a picture from his son that was coded for Michael to help find his family.  The twist was that it wasn’t Michael Jr. at all, but Jacob drawing the pictures in order to trap Micahel!

Not only does this theme apply to Micahel and his son, but we also found out that the man after Linc for his debt is John Abruzzi’s son!  Between Michael and his son, the introduction of Abruzzi’s son, and finding out Whip is T-Bag’s son, this episode brought a ton of twists which were nice connections back to Season 1.

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Battle of Wits — Poseidon thinks he knows Michael’s upcoming moves, but we all know better. Michael is always ahead, sending Poseidon on a wild goose-chase.  Giving Sucre his phone that he knows is being tracked, and sending Whip to Chicago, Michael knows exactly what he is doing.  Also adding to Poseidon’s issues is that his team seems to be skeptical after his lapse in saying that he, “Fell for Michael’s family.”  Like a game of chess, Michael and Poseidon each continued to find each other by trying to figure out the other’s next move.  This was a great part of the episode as each time one individual seemed to get close to finding the other, there was a twist that seemed to send them back to square one.  I found myself trying to figure out which one actually had the upper hand.

Those Tattoos — We now know that the writing on his arms mean something, but this could be a way of throwing Jacob off his true intentions.  From next week’s previews we see that Michael puts his hands to his face in order to gain access to Jacob’s office.  Are the tattoos actually a replica of Jacob’s facial structure in order to gain access through facial recognition?  If so, that is genius!

This episode leads us into the Season Finale of Prison Break! What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Are you excited for next week, or has the nostalgia worn off, and you ready for this season to be over?  Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

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