Prison Break: Michael’s Plan Revealed

It all comes down to this, the Season Finale of Prison Break! How will Michael defeat Poseidon? Will all of the team members survive?  Will it in on a cliffhanger opening the door for a possible Season 6?  Read on to find out:

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Poseidon’s Plans — Poseidon wanted people out of prison for the good of the country, but he wanted Abu Ramal, not for freedom, but to kill Michael.  It was all a set up in order to kill Scofield in order to have Sara and Michael Jr. for himself.  He also need to set-up Michael for the death of the CIA Operative, Harlan Gaines, because he had been looking into Jacob’s shady dealings. Jacob continues his manipulation of Michael Jr. by telling him that Sara is dead, and that his real father is dead.

21 Void — Just like The Company, no one can get out of 21 Void.  The episode starts off six minutes prior to the end of last week’s episode.  We find out that the Poseidon’s male agent tells the blonde female agent, Emily Blake, that they need to get away, and turn Michael into the police.  She makes her decision, and shoots him saying, “No one gets out of 21 Void”. 21 Void’s mission the entire time was to frame Michael for the murder of Harlan Gaines, which is why Jacob killed anyone who began to look into the program.

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Michael’s Plan — Michael did send the information from episode 1 to T-Bag because he was being monitored by Poseidon.  He was being tracked, so Michael knew that he would have to contact T-Bag because Jacob knew of his hatred for Bagwell, and wouldn’t think that he would contact him. Michael wanted to show grace to T-Bag, since he had never received any before, in order for him to do not only Michael, but his son Whip, a favor by killing Poseidon. We also find out that the Elvis impersonator was an individual Michael broke out of prison because he valued his artistic abilities.  This is seen later as Micheal has T-Bag take a life,  but not actually Poseidon’s…his muscle aka Emily Blake.  As Whip is shot, T-Bag breaks her neck. This leads begins a chase between Michael and Jacob into an area that the Elvis impersonator recreated. It was an exact replica of the scene Jacob had originally framed Michael for the shooting of the Harlan Gaines.  This was genius, as Michael had planned everything from the reenactment, to the video footage, and the blanks of his gun knowing Jacob would take it.  This all culminated in Jacob still being arrested for the murder of Harlan Gaines, because Michael took the blood Whip had found last episode, and placed it in Poseidon’s office.  The blood ended up being Harlan Gaines’ from the murder scene!  With this new information, and Jacob’s tech. guru’s testimony revealing 21 Void, Michael was set free.  As the CIA offered him a job, Michael declined, but asked for a favor, which was to put Jacob in Fox River in the same cell as…T-Bag! The episode ends with Bagwell grabbing Jacob, and Jacob screaming.

The Tattoos! — Michael’s hand tattoos were so intricate that he had a hidden message within them with a hidden quote from Napoleon, “Never interrupt your enemy when hes making a mistake.” Meanwhile, tattooed on the back of his hands were the the features of Jacob’s face in order for him to hold the back of his palms up to the facial recognition scanner in order to get into Poseidon’s secret office! This part was awesome as it reminded me of Season 1 where I always liked Scofield’s tattoos, and constantly trying to figure out their significance.

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

T-Bag the Hero — After all these years, T-Bag becomes a hero. He truly turned into a changed man. The old Bagwell would have killed at the drop of a hat, but T-Bag’s self-revelation, as well as finding out he had a son, has truly changed him.  He actually tries to step into a fatherly role, showing true care for Whip, and trying to tell him right from wrong.  In order to help the team, Whip’s arrogance gets the best of him, he diverts from Scofield’s plan, and ends up getting shot by Poseidon’s blonde agent. This was truly emotional as T-Bag told his son to, “Go easy”. T-Bag had to sacrifice himself in order to help the rest of the team.  Even though he was arrested, he is still the hero as he lead by example for Whip, and was the reason Michael was able to freely confront Poseidon. .

I personally felt that last week’s episode had more shock value to it.  The writers had said that they had originally planned for ten episodes, but condensed them to nine.  I personally feel that they should have stayed with ten as tonight’s episode seemed somewhat rushed.  I would also have liked to have seen C-Note and Sucre one last time, much in the way Season 4 ended, but it was still a good episode.  Michael’s elaborate plan was truly genius showing that the writers still have what it takes to make an intricate season.  Here is to hoping there will be a Season 6!

That concludes Prison Break Season 5!  What’d you think?  Was it mere nostalgia, or do you think they should make a Season 6?  Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

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