– by Joseph Jammer Medina


Looks like our good friend Devin Faraci, from Badass Digest, was right when he said that we may end up with Rawson Marshall Thurber as the new director for Marvel’s Ant-Man. According to The Wrap, Thurber is the current frontrunner to step into the job left vacated when Edgar Wright and Marvel parted ways last week.

Working in his favor is that he just directed the surprise hit We’re The Millers, which managed to rake in just about $270 million off of a movie that cost $37 million to make- and we know how Marvel likes to be somewhat frugal. We also know they like “company men,” who will follow the lead of the producers- and Thurber seems to be the type of guy who is okay playing the studio’s rules. 

Before anyone flips out about a comedy director, with no action or VFX-heavy films on their resumé taking on a comic book movie- just think of the job Joe and Anthony Russo did with Captain America: The Winter Soldier when all they were known for was “Community” and “Arrested Development.”

I, for one, am torn. Because while Millers was decidedly middle-of-the-road lowest common denominator stuff, I absolutely loved Thurber’s directorial debut, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

We’ll see what happens with that. But also of note in the story is that it gave us a quick update about Ghostbusters 3. Mentioned offhandedly in the report is that another Ant-Man candidate, Ruben Fleischer, is likely too busy to do the Marvel project because he’s also up to helm the next Ghostbusters. Sony, who are the folks behind that film, are high on Fleischer because of the work he did for them on Zombieland.


What do you think about both of these possibilities? Sound off!

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