– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Photo Credit: Loris T. Zambelli

Photo Credit: Loris T. Zambelli

Actress Analeigh Tipton really seems to be moving her way up in the acting world. While you may not recognize her name, she’s likely a face you’ve seen before in supporting roles. Between movies like LUCY and WARM BODIES, she’s slowly making her way up the Hollywood ranks. Now, it looks like she’s starring in the upcoming film, SADIE.

The psychological thriller only has a handful of photos released via their Facebook page, but if they’re any indication, it boasts quite the visuals.

Photo Credit: Loris T. Zambelli

Photo Credit: Loris T. Zambelli

Described as BLACK SWAN meets EYES WIDE SHUT, the film is sure to please those who like their thrillers to have an erotic edge to them.

The synopsis to SADIE is as follows:

“Sadie (played by Tipton), a budding erotic novelist who, along with an enigmatic woman named Francesca, are enticed by an ex-lover to join him at an Italian villa. Once there, Sadie is confronted by the demons of her past as she becomes embroiled in a surreal game of murder and betrayal.”

Its an intriguing premise, to be sure, and with the mix between that and the desolate and beautiful visuals, indie film fans will have a whole lot to be excited about.

Photo Credit: Analeigh Tipton

Photo Credit: Analeigh Tipton

Below is a statement regarding the film from director Craig Goodwill:

The concept for treating Sadie is poetic in its
violence, psychology and eroticism, and through the
discovery of pain and pleasure we discover truth.

Applying these notions, we intend to take the audience on
a journey through the psychology and morality of
deviancy, discovering the fine line between our own
desires, and their impact on our souls.

The setting of an Italian country side casts an illusion,
masking the mysterious world of secret societies, where
passé ideas of right and wrong are replaced by the allure
of the occult, and the carnal intrigue of murder. 

With each passing moment Sadie falls deeper into a world she
once feared. Soon realizing that in order to find her way
out, she must first play the role she has been chosen for.

The message of Sadie is of love and lust and often
in the pursuit of one we lose the other. Through our
characters we inspire a lascivious curiosity of pain,
pleasure, betrayal and re-birth. 

Sadie is an exciting exploration of sexuality and its relationship to love. The
pathological and libidinous story will make a captivating, and visual film in keeping with psychological
thrillers such as EYES WIDE SHUT, BLACK SWAN, and THE SHINING.

There’s no word yet on when the film is set to release. 

SOURCE: Facebook

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