– by Seth McDonald

In the home release commentary, director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson explains his thought process behind the — depending on your sense of humor — comical scene at the beginning of the film involving Poe Dameron and General Hux. Johnson explains his reasoning for the scene below:

“I held onto this. This was something where I felt like, first of all, I knew with all the heaviness of it being the middle chapter, I knew people were going to come in with all the expectations of the grand opera of it. I really wanted this movie to be fun. I love the tone that [screenwriters] J.J. [Abrams], Michael [Arndt] and Larry [Kasdan] set with The Force Awakens, and the tone of the original films has a spirit of fun to it. I felt like, at the very beginning, we had to kinda break the ice and say we’re gonna have fun here. We’re gonna try some fun stuff, and it’s gonna be okay to laugh in this movie. So we started with a little Monty Python sketch.”

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I didn’t mind the scene, most of my issues with the film have to do with how Johnson handled Luke, though I think the scene went too far with the mama joke. The Poe/Hux trolling scene, like a lot of the humor in the film fell short with, well, about half the fans.

This scene was where I first thought, “Uhh, that’s unusual,” but being early in the film I was willing to put it aside, and as much as I dislike The Last Jedi, I thoroughly enjoyed the destruction of the Dreadnaught, but little did I know what the film had in store for me, such as Johnson’s next joke, having Luke Skywalker throw away what is perhaps the most iconic weapon in the history of cinema like it was an old banana.

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