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Rings Of Power Season 2 Multiple Endings Shot Includes Descriptions | Barside Buzz SPOILERS

According to the Barside Buzz, The Rings of Power Season 2 shot multiple endings and we have descriptions of those, so SPOILERS warning!

According to the Barside Buzz, The Rings of Power Season 2 shot multiple endings and we have descriptions of those, so SPOILERS warning! We cannot speak to the legitimacy of these claims. However, the source of these leaks is one who has a great hit rate. Redanian Intelligence has proven to have sources in this production previously. They claim that several alternate endings were shot to confuse leakers. The one which will be used being known only by the senior production execs.

Again, whilst we cannot say one of these endings is one we will see in Season 2, it is possible… Therefore, SPOILER WARNING for below!

Before we start there is one important message to note from the outlet.

‘Here we start with what we’ve been told recently by a member of production. We’ll warn the readers to take this with a grain of salt as it’s known that members of production have been involved with trying to spread confusing information.’

So, this is coming from someone the outlet has verified as working in the show. However, we have also previously reported on the attempts by production to pass fake information to outlets. How can anyone say this is not one of those fake leaks? At this point anyway. So judge for yourself on this one folks.

Rings of Power Season 2 Endings

‘We’ve been told that Sauron in essence will be played by two actors in The Rings of Power Season 2: Charlie Vickers and Calam Lynch. Charlie Vickers was known as his Halbrand form from Season 1 and here’s where it gets confusing with Calam Lynch.’

‘Like Fellowship of Fans revealed long ago, Calam Lynch does indeed play Celeborn, Galadriel’s husband. Or more precisely, he plays Sauron, disguising himself as Celeborn to fool the elves. In Season 3 of The Rings of Power, Calam Lynch is set play the real Celeborn.’

‘There is no third form of Sauron, we’ve been told. Only Charlie Vickers and Calam Lynch.’

So, instead of appearing to the Elves as Annatar, Sauron will appears as Celeborn and infiltrate them to make the Rings? That sounds like needless twaddle once again, sadly.

‘Does Calam Lynch appear as real Celeborn in Season 2? Yes and no. We’ve been told that Amazon filmed multiple endings of the season with Morfydd Clark and Calam Lynch. They are interchangeable because it’s the literal final 5-10 minutes of Season 2 and they can do whatever edits they want with it.’

Ending One

‘At the end of the season, at the end of the Battle of Eregion, one that was reported to be a 2-episode battle, there’s the big twist of the season. Celeborn was Sauron all along. How does that make Galadriel feel?’

‘Galadriel is conflicted to see this Celeborn-appearing person physically in front of her. She is under immense pressure to make a very quick choice: to hurt him or not. Is it Sauron or is he the real Celeborn?’

‘Turns out, he’s the real Celeborn. Galadriel trusts her gut, makes the right choice and they reunite. We heard they also filmed a kiss between Morfydd Clark and Calam Lynch, although it caused a controversy among the editors and it may have been edited out.’

Ending Two

‘At the end of the season, at the end of a battle, the real Celeborn appears. He is very visibly injured and wounded. It’s made to be unclear if he survives, but he and Galadriel reunite. Since he’s in such a bad shape, Galadriel knows he’s the real Celeborn and has no hesitations like in the ending above. We understand whether he survives is supposed to be a cliffhanger.’

Ending Three

‘In another version, we heard, the real Celeborn doesn’t appear at all in the entire season. Instead, Sauron, still disguised as Celeborn, tells Galadriel that her husband is alive.’

‘This is similar to the ending of Season 1, where Sauron speaks to Galadriel in her head, but this time both are physically present.’

‘We were told there is a possibility that there are more versions of the Season 2 ending, but we know of these three. The last one is the only one where we never see Calam Lynch as the real Celeborn.’

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RI say that they’ve heard no decision has been made yet on which ending to use. Though it is possible the source isn’t high up enough to have been in on that decision making process? Either way, I don’t like the Celeborn thing much at all. It’s another change that I’m not sure we needed to invent drama for Galadriel and keep building this weird Galadariel/Sauron thing.

I guess I’ll see how this plays out. But, so far this adaptation is not doing that much adapting and far more fan fictions than I care for.

What do you think as the Barside Buzz says The Rings of Power Season 2 shot multiple endings. What do you think of those potentially SPOILERS descriptions? Thoughts below as always.

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