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Robert Zemeckis has produced, written, and directed some of Hollywood’s most beloved and innovative sci-fi and fantasy films. From Back to the Future to Contact to Forrest Gump to Beowulf — each new film by this legendary filmmaker has been an event. In recent years, however, he’s focused on more realistic or non-fiction projects. Until now.

Variety is reporting that Zemeckis is partnering with STX Entertainment and China’s Alibaba Pictures on a new sci-fi action movie, Steel Soldiers. Zemeckis will produce, but there are no other casting or crew announcements yet. The creative team is also looking beyond a theatrical release, seeking to expand the project onto other platforms (possibly including video games, streaming series, mobile apps).

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Steel Soldiers examines the battlefield of the future, wherein humans and androids fight side-by-side. Adam Fogelson of STX provides some additional context:

“The film follow a disgraced Special Forces officer being forced to train a new team of high-tech, but imperfect android soldiers, turn them into elite military officers, and lead them in a deadly mission to rescue the robot’s creator.”

Sounds like a bit of Avatar blended with classic Star Wars, which is one helluva high-concept. This is the kind of project Zemeckis regularly tackled in the 90s, so his return to sci-fi is a big deal. The script was written by Ken Kaufman, who’s no stranger to the subject-matter (Space Cowboys, The Expendables 2).

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SOURCE: Variety

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