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If you’ve been following our reports here at LRM (or if you’ve followed the DC Extended Universe in the trades for any period of time), you’ll know that the DCEU has had some major growing pains in trying to expand their universe. Be it the mixed-to-negative reception of their films so far — Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Suicide Squad — or the repeated issues surrounding their upcoming films The Flash and The Batman, they seem to be going through a very public period of self-discovery. Most of the drama as of late has surrounded The Batman. With Ben Affleck dropping out as director, Warner Bros and DC Films have reportedly been in talks with a number of directors to help pick up the helm, including War for the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves.

While there have been other filmmakers mentioned within the same breath as Matt Reeves for this job, Reeves is certainly the man all the reports seem to be coming back to. It’s a solid choice, there’s no doubt. The director has experience in coming into an existing franchise and elevating the content to unprecedented levels. You need look no further than Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to see what we mean.

However, in a recent post on Reddit from user DCLeaks_Throwaway, the studio may be speaking with Reeves to take on more than just The Batman in the future. Before we get into the actual content of the post, it’s worth mentioning that the person behind this post claims that they work with the firm tasked with the duty of writing up the press release when the contract is all finalized.

The post states that the deal is “imminent,” though not final, but then shares the real interesting news, which you’ll need to take with a grain of salt, given the unknown source.

“Apparently, the contract is for multiple movies and also is going to give Reeves HEAVY say in casting. Reeves legal team is just tying together loose ends on money (as the contract could extend well beyond 2020, pending DC’s movie slate).”

That’s right. If this report is to be trusted — and let’s be real, there is no real evidence that this is leak is reputable — then Reeves could have a big involvement down the line. But the post goes on to make some bold speculations in regards to Reeves’ and even Affleck’s potential involvement.

“A.) Affleck is comfortable signing off on Reeves for The Batman AND multiple movies and B.) Reeves feels he either 1.) has a commitment from Affleck to do multiple movies or 2.) has a new Batman already in place (unlikely that he would sign on for several pictures as a director, if the most important character wasn’t signed on already). Giving him power over casting would seem to solidify this.”

In short, the poster doesn’t believe that Reeves would sign off if Affleck didn’t commit to multiple movies, or if there wasn’t a replacement in the process of getting signed on (Armie Hammer?). Though, in a slight contradiction there, it seems a bit weird that Reeves would have “HEAVY” involvement in casting if a new Batman was already cast.

Again, as we’ve stated throughout, this is nothing but a rumor, but it’s an interesting one to chew on. If nothing else, if this claim is real, we’ll likely hear something from Warner within the next few days, as stated in the post.

What do you think? Do you think there is any validity to this report? If so, would you like to see Reeves take on a big role over in the DCEU? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Reddit (via ScreenGeek)

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