Spider-Man Will Be A Sony Exclusive Character In Marvel’s Avengers

UPDATE: This rumor has been confirmed by Sony themselves on the PlayStation blog. While it wasn’t explicitly stated, it does sound like it will be Peter Parker and not Miles Morales.


Today we share a rumor which I am less than pleased about, if true. The rumor is that Spider-Man will be a Sony exclusive character in Marvel’s Avengers. Marvel’s Avengers is a cross-plat game, meaning it is coming out for all compatible devices. Whilst Sony may have exclusivity on their own Spider-Man game, that doesn’t prevent the character from being used elsewhere. However there appear to be hints Sony has paid Crystal Dynamics to make Spider-Man available only on Ps4 and PS5.

This is just a rumour, and our source is the social media post you can see below from Panels to Pixels. Judge for yourself.

Even the source themselves seems unsure this is legit. However, this would actually make sense a little, given the history. Sony are well known for paying money to developers so they will remove one aspect of a game outside of the PlayStation. I guess they feel by doing this, they encourage gamers to purchase Sony over Microsoft.

The practice is actually one that Microsoft were knee-deep in during the PS3/360 era themselves. However current Xbox boss Phil Spencer has spoken about how he dislikes this practice and would not be paying for anything like this going forward. True to his word, there have been timed exclusive games on Xbox, but never levels or characters that are exclusive to the Xbox console. Sony has continued the practice quite aggressively and this looks like something we’d expect Sony to do. Not only that, but so far there has been almost no sign of Spider-Man as a playable character in any of the marketing of Marvel’s Avengers.

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Spider-Man will be a Sony exclusive character in Marvel's Avengers

So definite pinch of salt here, but history tells us this is likely a good bet. Here is my issue, let’s say, I (Xbox) pay $60 for Marvel’s Avengers, and so does Kyle (PS4). Kyle will now get more value for money than I do , because he has a character to play the game with that Xbox players cannot get. He has not paid any more than I have for the game, instead, Sony has paid the developers extra cash to remove this character from the game on Xbox.

It just doesn’t feel good, and I have come across many Sony fans who agree with me. However, it is hard to argue against this practice. Sony is trying to make sure that if consumers have a choice, they purchase the new PS5, and not Xbox Series X. For any Marvel fans who want to play as Spider-Man, this could influence that console choice.

Ultimately I may not like this paid exclusivity, but perhaps that’s because I’m the one missing out? No paid exclusives would ensure parity across platforms, but would that help Sony shift PS5’s? Is Xbox being naïve by not taking part in this process themselves? Or are Sony paying money to developers that would be better kept in their pockets? I guess that’s an answer we will have to wait for. Paid exclusivity has worked well for Sony on PS4, so will it work again on PS5?

What do you think of the rumor Spider-Man will be a Sony exclusive character in Marvel’s Avengers? Leave your thoughts below as always.

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SOURCE: Panels to Pixels (via Twitter)

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