– by Seth McDonald

Some unsettling news comes to fans today as it is now rumored that Zack Snyder was actually fired from Justice League, before he left to deal with personal issues.

Many of you remember hearing that Zack Snyder left the film’s production early last year, due to a family tragedy. Twitter user and entertainment writer, Josh L. Dickey, claims that Snyder was actually fired from DC’s extended universe over a year ago. Dickey says he wasn’t allowed to disclose what he knew at the time. You can see the post below.

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Based on what we know, this new tweet is likely true. While this is the type of story that would have come out normally, Snyder’s personal tragedy understandably kept outlets from sharing the information. Though, regardless of the “why” behind it, Snyder left production all the same.

Snyder was replaced on the project by Joss Whedon, who completed the directorial duties as Snyder dealt with family issues. The story had always been that Snyder left, not that he was fired. This may be one of the bigger reason why there isn’t the highly sought after Snyder cut of Justice League.

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Source: Josh L. Dickey