– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Much has already been said about the upcoming reveal of Black Panther. He’s a character that’s been poised to make the leap to the big screen for some time now. He’ll be making his debut in next month’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, but what many people are looking forward to his Black Panther’s standalone flick. 

The character is cool enough as it is, but in addition to being an awesome character, Marvel’s tapped writer/director Ryan Coogler to co-write and helm the project. However, fans of the CREED director won’t necessarily need to wait until BLACK PANTHER to see what Coogler has in mind for the character, as the filmmaker’s already had some input on the character, as revealed by Marvel chief Kevin Feige. 

“Ryan came in and watched the movie,” he told io9. “We did a little bit of additional photography here and there and Ryan did a pass at a couple of those scenes. So there’s a line or two that Panther says in the movie that Ryan contributed to. [CIVIL WAR screenwriters] Chris [Markus] and Steve [McFeely] absorbed it into their draft, put their spin on it and words to it, but Ryan has started to be involved in earlier cuts of this movie.”

This is great news! One of the amazing things Marvel has managedto do is make sure their characters remain consistent from film to film. There are a lot of productions going on, so losing some of the important character traits in-between each picture would be an easy thing to do. This would especially be difficult for a character like Black Panther, as he is being introduced first, and then spun off into his own film. Since we’ll only be seeing a small piece of him, it’d be disappointing if the writers of this film made a creative decision regarding the character’s origin or personality that would clash with what Coogler has in mind for BLACK PANTHER

What are your thoughts on Coogler being involved this early on in the process? Let us know down below!

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR hits U.S. theaters on May 6, 2016.

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