– by Edward Douglas

This is an exclusive for LRM readers only!  

LRM is proud to announce that starting next week, The Weekend Warrior column can be found and read exclusively here at LRM.
For nearly thirteen years, Edward Douglas wrote The Weekend Warrior for ComingSoon.net, but after taking an eight-month hiatus, The Weekend Warrior is coming back, and his weekly movie column can only be found here at LRM starting the first week in August!
Every Wednesday, The Weekend Warrior will give you an extensive look at the movies coming out that weekend—as well as other things going on that might be worth checking out, including television, video games and other cool events.  By reading The Weekend Warrior each week, you’ll know what to expect from the bigger studio releases, and also learn about a few smaller films to lookout for down the line. 
Also each week, The Weekend Warrior will share his thoroughly researched box office predictions and analysis for the coming weekend.
We are also excited to announce that The Weekend Warrior will be doing interviews with your favorite actors and directors exclusively for LRM readers.  So, keep coming back and over the next few months, look for The Weekend Warrior’s exclusive interviews for LRM with a special Featured Interview every week.
Mark your calendar and make sure you check back next Wednesday, August 3rd, for The Weekend Warrior’s very first column at LRM talking about Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad.  Also, make sure you listen to Los Fanboys Podcast for more details about which interviews The Weekend Warrior will be doing over the next few weeks.
Finally, here’s what some fans are saying about Edward Douglas and The Weekend Warrior. . .

“Edward Douglas is one of the true stars of the online film community. You would have an easier time locating the Ark of the Covenant than you would finding someone who would have a negative word to say about Edward Douglas or his work. He is the very definition of a workhorse, and a versatile one to boot. Many online writers focus on a certain specialty, be it Science Fiction, Horror or Indie films. Edward Douglas covers it all, and he can draw upon a massive amount of movie knowledge to give each movie their due.” 
Everyone at LRM is excited to welcome and to bring The Weekend Warrior exclusively for all of our loyal readers!