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With ALIEN: COVENANT now picking up steam, and bits of casting information making the rounds, some have wondered whether or not Noomi Rapace- who appeared in PROMETHEUS– would be in the film. After all, she was the sole human survivor in PROMETHEUS, and COVENANT is both a sequel to that film and a prequel to the original ALIEN. Would her Elizabeth Shaw be part of what bridges these films to the originals?


According to director Ridley Scott, Rapace will not be in ALIEN: COVENANT. He was sort of mum on the subject, when asked about it by the Daily Mail. All he said was, “No,” and then added, “We’re still casting the main roles.

So that settles that. The Swedish actress, probably best known for her work in the original film adaptation of GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, and her Shaw will not be present as we continue bridge the gap between the events depicted in PROMETHEUS and ALIEN.

SOURCE: Yahoo! Movies