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Earlier this week, the official logo for DC Films’ upcoming Shazam! was revealed via the official Twitter page for the logo. While I can very much understand why they went for more of a fun, lighthearted logo like this for their new film, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it felt more at home on the CW than on the big screen.

But how did DC and Warner Bros. settle on this logo? In the past, with the Zack Snyder-influenced films, the logos felt a lot different. They were textured, gritty, and often felt like slabs of metal slamming down onto a table. There was a real weight to them. This is the polar opposite of what we have with this one, which feels very light and CG-heavy.

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One Twitter user noticed that Shazam! director David F. Sandberg had been using a similar logo on his Twitter banner for the word “Shablam!”

So where did this come from? Sandberg reflected in a tweet.

“Months ago I made a logo myself in Blender to use for presentations and stuff. They wound up basing the official logo on that. I guess my presentation made quite an impression 🙂 I had no idea my twitter banner would end up a spoiler.”

So there you go. Sandberg apparently threw something together in Blender, and Warner Bros. took that as their cue to base something around it. While I’m personally not too thrilled with how it all came together, it’s just a logo. I’m still hopeful that this film could be a win for DC, as it’s so radically different from whatever they’ve made before.

How do you feel about the origin of this logo? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: David F. Sandberg

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