– by Seth McDonald

If you are a fan of British comedy then you may be happy to hear that Simon Pegg has an idea for a sequel to the 2007 action-comedy, Hot Fuzz. Though there isn’t any official word on a sequel being in the works, while speaking with Larry King on King’s Youtube channel, Pegg said a sequel to Hot Fuzz would involve his Nicholas Angel character bringing Nick Frost’s Danny Butterman character into the big city, which would pretty much be the opposite of the first film.

“I think the only one of those films that could possibly get a sequel is Hot Fuzz because that could sort of be a continuing action-style cop thing. Because Hot Fuzz was about my character going to the countryside to be a cop in a small town it would have to be about Nicholas Angel taking Nick Frost’s character Danny to the big city… It would have to be like how Crocodile Dundee 2 was.”

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This idea seems like a natural progression of the story from the first film, and I would very much like to see a sequel get made at some point. Hot Fuzz is probably my favorite film from the team of Pegg, Frost, and Wright, who have worked together on a number of projects, though Hot Fuzz was the most well rounded I found it a nice mix of comedy and action, and even a little bit of horror.

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Source: Larry King