– by Seth McDonald

In less than a month theaters around the world will be showing Star Wars: The Last Jedi. However, the residents of the small Iowa town known as Elkader will have to travel elsewhere to watch what is considered by many to be the year’s most anticipated film. Owner of the Elkader theater, Lee Akins, spoke with the Des Moines Register about why his theater won’t be showing The Last Jedi:

“The biggest reason that I’m not going to show it is the four-week minimum play time. My little town cannot afford to play any movie for that long of a time.”

It is understandable that it would be hurtful for a small theaters such as the one in Elkader, to have to use a screen for the same movie for a month, as Akins explains below, the time period is just unnecessary for towns such as Elkader:

“I can’t get the entire town in my auditorium in one week’s time let alone four.”

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Disney’s four week requirement for showing the film is a bummer for Star Wars fans in Elkader, Iowa. The Wall Street Journal reported that Disney is also taking a record high of around 65% of ticket sales for the film, which is also hurtful to smaller theaters. Perhaps Disney could make exceptions for towns that have smaller populations, and adjust both the show time and percentage of the ticket take.

Should Disney try to help out the little guy? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: Des Moines Register, The Wall Street Journal

  • Danny B

    Disney clearly need the money more than this little town…..

    • Rad4Cap

      “Disney clearly need the money more than this little town…..”

      Clearly Disney is letting the little town KEEP its money. So much for THAT complaint. LOL!

  • Victor Roa

    this is only going to get worse before someone does anything.

  • Aaron James

    It’ll require the big theatre chains getting together and also refusing to show the movie for it to have any chance of working.

  • jonathing

    disney wouldn’t it be nice to sort it now or just wait for a big snowball of bad media publicity to make you do it

    • Tonk99

      The snowball’s not gonna happen. Dream on.

  • axebox

    So they will be forced to show it second run. I mean, it sucks for theaters with only 1 screen, but that’s not Disney’s business model for distributing the new Star Wars…

    • randomironicname

      Yeah, that’s the way it always seems to work. Theaters that survive in the small towns of the Midwest typically operate with second runs. I’m not sure why he’s complaining or why anyone is even giving it any merit.

      • Rad4Cap

        Because some people simply like to try to smear ‘big bad businesses’ as evil. Profit is immoral to them so they take any chance they can get to try to attack those who seek to make a profit.

        Just look at Danny B and most of the rest of the comments here for evidence of that mentality.

        • randomironicname

          Yeah, there’s some of that I guess but this is just goofy. I life a few hours away and have driven through the area. Elkader is a really small and remote town, probably over an hour or more of two-lanes away from the nearest interstate even. There is no way they should assume they get anything first run ever. I saw this story when it ran in the Des Moines Register and just kind of shrugged and thought it was an “Extra Extra The Sky is Blue” kind of story. It’s getting some legs today though because it sounds quaint maybe?

          • Rad4Cap

            I suggest you go back and look at all the “legs” it is getting today and see if you don’t notice a common denominator between them, the LRM article, and the comments here.

  • Tonk99

    Whatta small minded dickhead. Show the film for four weeks, idiot and allow your local audience the ability to repeat view.

    • Rad4Cap

      It doesn’t sound like he can afford to do so. Because of the size of the town, he has to have a quicker film turnover to stay in business. That’s simply the economics of it.

      Of course simply because someone can’t afford to show the film doesn’t mean Disney should have to change their contractual stipulations.

  • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

    Just have fewer showings douchbag. Star Wars 3-4 times a day and whatever other shitty movie is out during that time, you can show 2 times a day. Or close down and let your lame town watch Netflix.

    • Rolta

      What’s wrong with you? Pretty unnecessarily aggressive. It’s not as if massive corporations playing the dick regularly screws people over and four weeks seems insane.

      • Rad4Cap

        Just as those viciously attacking “corporations” are “unnecessarily aggressive” so too are those who attack “lame towns”. Both are being driven by their bigotry.

  • Nay sayer!

    Disney just being Disney. Greedy pricks (talking about the hike in takings too) And there are morons clapping about them buying Fox studios

    • Mike D

      Fox needs all the help it can get. Plus Marvel taking back their characters has needed to be done for a long time now.

  • Kronx

    An important detail: it’s a single-screen theater, in a town of about 1,200 people. Essentially, he would probably lose money on it.

    Although, I wonder what kind of loop holes there might be. For example, he could show it for a few seconds and switch to another film. Or he could display the film canisters in the lobby, as a way of “showing the film.” Or simply have one midnight showing the last two weeks.

  • TheOct8pus

    The Maus will crush you

  • noahwayne0

    Disney is just greedy, no big shocker there. They rip people off at their amusement parks too.

    I don’t think it’ll be a good movie anyway. So far, its just been a copy/paste job of the OT anyway. Disney is sucking the magic all out of Star Wars.

    • Loveblanket

      Blah, blah, blah. Companies exist to make money for their shareholders and if you were a shareholder you would be singing a different tune. Second E7 and Rogue One were great films and far better than anything Lucas did with the series since the closing credits of Empire Strikes Back and his wife and chief editor was the one that made the first two films great. If you don’t like the movies, then don’t go to them. You won’t be missed and they’ll still make 2 billion. But then again, if you really didn’t care, you wouldn’t be reading stories about the movies, so really you’re just a poser.

  • Loveblanket

    This is a non story to me. There is no reason for the overwhelming majority of the nation to set up a business model for a few hick backwater dumps. They can drive to see the movie or get it on DVD. I could not care less about him or his theater.

  • Moby85

    Good on this theatre. I’m by no means a ‘corporations suck’ kind of guy, it’s actually my streak that enjoys walking away from bad business opportunities and this is one for small theatres. As LRM quoted on their first story on this subject – the head of AMC, the largest chain, was overjoyed to have Star Wars even with the new restrictions.