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For better or worse, X-Men: Dark Phoenix is becoming a hot topic in the world of Fox and X-Men. It is the directorial of longtime franchise writer and producer Simon Kinberg. That, in and of itself, is enough to make things interesting, but we also have the added concern over the film’s delay and reshoots.

Last month, it was rumored that the film would be facing months of reshoots, which is actually untrue, but that didn’t stop the rumor for having an impact. Now audiences are interested to see what the film looks like, especially if it really is in such dire straits (again, it isn’t). Now, we have this added drama surrounding the trailer getting leaked.

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The footage came from KinExpo in Russia last weekend, where it was shown to industry insiders. Keep in mind, this isn’t even a finished trailer, and we’re likely going to get the finished product ahead of Venom‘s October 5 release. It’s one of those annoying videos where you can only see part of the image since the person is trying to take it inconspicuously.

In the trailer, we see pretty much everyone return, including Mystique, Cyclops, Professor X, Quicksilver, Beast, Magneto, Storm, and many others. Among the key scenes are the X-Men at a funeral, flashbacks to when Jean Grey was a child, a brutal car accident (where Jean Grey’s parents die?), and the transformation of her to the Dark Phoenix. The title itself doesn’t even include the words X-Men in them, but simply Dark Phoenix with the “x” with a circle around it in the typical X-Men style.

If you want to check out the trailer, you can do so HERE, but honestly, I’d recommend that you didn’t. Because the quality is so bad, it’s not really even fun to watch. There’s also no sound, so few, if any, plot details can be inferred.

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