– by Seth McDonald

Most of you have seen the video from last week of Alden Ehrenreich being surprised by Harrison Ford. Ehrenreich was promoting his upcoming film, Solo: A Star Wars Story, when he was startled by the original Han Solo. Speaking recently to promote the film at the Solo Press Conference, Ehrenreich spoke about his own personal Star Wars surprise.

“Unbelievable. Oh my God. So I had lunch with — right before we started shooting, I wanted to talk to Harrison, just to kind of pay respect and have him give us the blessings… for the film and — so we had lunch. I guess, ah, two years ago or something and, and he was really encouraging and really supportive and then we went off, shot the film and everything like that and today I was doing an interview and they were talking about, you know, is there anything else you’d like to ask him? Because he’s — and I was like, well, I don’t know and they’re like, well, you’ll have your chance — and he was behind me. He came. [LAUGHTER] And ah… and just… he’s so effusive about the movie.”

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It was a fun video for fans to watch (if you haven’t seen it, look just above in the RELATED section), and it sounds like a wonderful experience for Ehrenreich. It is also nice he was able to have lunch with Harrison Ford and more or less get the Solo blessing from the man himself.

The film, Solo: A Star Wars Story is still holding at a 72 percent on RottenTomatoes. While it still hasn’t reached that all-important certified fresh mark, considering the horrendous production the film endured, 72 percent is pretty respectable. And it is still possible the film could reach Certified Fresh.

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Source: Solo Press Conference