– by Seth McDonald

If just over two weeks, most of us Star Wars fans will be sitting in the theater watching Solo: A Star Wars Story. LRM‘s own Joseph “Jammer” Medina has brought up the question, is this a film anyone wanted, much less needed? No matter your opinion on the subject, it’s a film we are getting. And like Joseph, the film has grown on me more and more with each new piece of footage released. The latest footage gives us more interaction between Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, showing them actually placing bets at a table (I think we know where this is going).

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Perhaps the highlight of this new TV spot is the last scene featuring Chewbacca and Woody Harrelson’s Beckett character playing a game of the holographic, chess-like game, Dejarik. It appears as if Harrelson’s character doesn’t know he should let the Wookiee win, perhaps he isn’t too fond of his arms, or simply isn’t familiar with the short temper of Wookiees.

I am still getting the tone of a fairly naive, and almost goody-two-shoes type personality from Ehrenreich, but I hope to see the snarky and cynical smuggler we all know and love by the end of the film. While I don’t think this film was necessary, it is Star Wars, and I have every intention of being there opening night.

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