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If you have seen Solo: A Star Wars Story, then you know fans got treated to the appearance of an old friend, Maul. The former Sith is now at the head of the crime syndicate known as Crimson Dawn. The film’s director, Ron Howard recently spoke with Empire and talked about the process of bringing Maul into the film.

“They had a list of a few candidates, and they even talked about just inventing a new gangster boss because there are five Syndicates. I said, ‘Maul, what happened to him?’ I hadn’t seen the animations but I knew more had happened with him. They told me the story and I said, well wouldn’t that be cool? My 30-year-old son thinks that’s the coolest guy, and so I admittedly lobbied. It wasn’t entirely my decision but I thought that was a pretty scary way to go and a way to give our third act a nice twist and a jolt of recognition and excitement. The first time I saw it with fans, I saw that it was a good call.”

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If you are still unclear on how Maul is alive after Obi-Wan Kenobi sliced him in half during their duel in The Phantom Menace, then I suggest you jump on The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels.

While I enjoyed Maul’s appearance, there was also a moment of, “Huh? What?” As most of you know Ehrenreich is signed up for three films, but after crashing at the box-office, who knows what the status of any future Solo films may be. My question is what were the future plans for Maul? If he were to be in any sequels, he and Han can’t cross paths, or at least Maul cannot use the Force in front of Han, because as we know Han has been from one end of the galaxy to the other, and hasn’t seen anything to convince him of an all-powerful Force controlling everything.

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Source: Empire