– by Seth McDonald

A hardcore Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, who calls himself Nem the Infinity Watcher, has been all over the news lately. He has seen Avengers: Infinity War over 40 times. Nem’s actions have put him in the spotlight, saying at one point he was even trending on Twitter. Nem’s repeated viewings even got the attention of directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, who directed Infinity War. The Russo brothers have given Nem a ticket to next year’s Avengers 4 premiere.

“On top of all that, the Russo Brothers themselves, the directors of the film, followed me on Twitter and told me up in the DMs that I have a free ticket to the Avengers 4 premiere next year. Okay, listen, I only got eight lives left. I lost one life last night when I heard the news. Okay, so listen, how we gonna celebrate? You know what we do. We back at the movie theater. AMC. Hitting it up for the 44th time. Listen, guys, thank you for coming with me on this journey. We’re gonna hit that magic number. Stay blessed people. Keep smiling.”

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Along with his ticket to Avengers 4, Nem was also given 50 tickets to Avengers: Infinity War thanks to IMAX. I have to say this is pretty impressive, I don’t think I have seen a film in theaters more than five times. While Nem never planned for his efforts to be rewarded in a such a way, it just goes to show that perseverance pays off. And Kudos to the Russo brothers and Marvel for making this happen.

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Source: Nem the Infinity Watcher