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Welcome to Fine Toon a column where I discuss the latest developments in the animated medium. This will range from western cartoons to eastern anime providing a wide range of topics to be discussed each week. While the majority of LRM discusses focuses on live-action material animated shows are often not covered. Seeing the need to fill this hole I will act as your guide to get you, the reader, all caught up to enter each week ready for new episodes.

Sonic Trailer Debuting at SXSW?


We were recently revealed the monstrosity that is live action Sonic. There are no words to describe how bad this is but it is not surprising considering the character hasn’t been treated right since the Dreamcast. Sonic Boom doesn’t look too bad, now does it? However, we may be receiving more of this representation of Sonic as soon as later this week at SXSW where SEGA has a panel scheduled for Saturday, March 16. This rumor comes from Dreamcastguy a well-known video game video YouTuber who has ties with the gaming industry.

While everyone’s hopes and expectations of this film should remain low for the obvious reasons, I am a little less discouraged hearing this rumor. According to Dreamcastguy, while the design of Sonic is bad overall during action sequences where he is running it looks better than in place scenes. The leaks that have surfaced are worse than how Sonic looks in the film. The trailer set up is in a buddy cop style with Sonic and James Marsden’s character Tom Wachowski riding around to Coolio’s “Gangster’s Paradise.” Unfortunately, we will not get a glimpse of Jim Carrey as Dr. Eggman.

While this is still a rumor, I have some faith in some of this panning out as I do not want to believe Sonic the Hedgehog will sweep the 2020 Razzies. I also believe that the appearance of Sonic will likely be better while in action as other films have had this issue before with CGI. Though in the end, I have to agree with the former head of Sonic Team Yuji Naka with this film possibly damaging Sonic’s IP.

Disney Delivers

Disney is transitioning from series going on hiatus, Big City Greens, to returning series returning like DuckTales and Star vs. The Forces of Evil.  All episodes are not disappointing as they provided meaningful additions to each series that helped push the shows forward. The easy transition of new animated material will help ease the pain of waiting for new episodes of the series going on hiatus.

Big City Greens has spent the first season having the Green family adapting to city life providing comedy from the stark contrast between rural living and city living. From Cricket annoying the neighbors to exploring the local rec center, the high energy of the character has added excitement to an interesting landscape. The supporting characters of the series support the show as well with Alice Cricket’s Grandmother taking on the noncontemporary role of a sword-swinging curmudgeon.

In the final episodes of the season one “Cricket’s Place” and “Volunteer Tilly” Cricket and his sister, Tilly, both saw some maturity and character growth. Cricket set out on his own with his best friend Remy and they get an apartment which immediately gets trashed after Cricket refusing to do chores but comes back home after realizing how good he had it. Tilly having a heart too big creates a problem when she takes her volunteer at the pound home with her adopting all the animals before realizing she can’t do it all on her own. It is nice to see Tilly get some of her own character development as she is usually stuck as a supporting character and season two should build off of this.

Star vs. The Forces of Evil has returned for its fourth and final season and the endgame is in full swing. In the span of two episodes “Butterfly Follies Part I and Part II” and “Escape From the Pie Folk” the series has solved a major cliffhanger from season three with the disappearance of Queen Moon. In finding Queen Moon they dug deeper into the controversy of Queen Festivia. While it was announced that Festivia had been secretly swapped into the royal line by the Magic High Commission her backstory wasn’t announced until now. As a member of the carny inspired Pie Folk, a secular group outside of Mewni, the backstory of Festivia fills in the reasoning for her personality. Next week’s episodes include an episode titled “Ransomgram” which will likely have a large impact into the rest of the season. There is a lot to be speculated about but nothing will be concrete until a week from now.

We finally have the answer to “What Ever Happened to Della Duck?!” with the plot of events unfolding in the return of DuckTales season two. After a storm in space, her shipped crashed on the surface of the Moon where she fought off Moon Mites for a year while trying to make her way back to Earth. In an interesting turn of events, there are a race of Moon People who disregarded gold so much that they “throw gold in the trash which is made of gold” due to the overabundance of it. It would be interesting if Scrooge makes it to the city to see how much gold there is as his love of gold is one of the character’s main personality traits. Della will not likely make it back to the Earth for a while as the series will take some time to develop the world they just introduced. By the end of the season, Della will likely make her long-awaited reuniting with her children.

New music headed to FairyTail: Final Season

FairyTail: Final Season the ending to Hiro Mashima’s popular FairyTail franchise is receiving new music to both begin and close each episode. The new opening will be “NO-LIMIT” by Ōsaka ☆ Shunkashūtō and the ending theme will be “Boku to Kimi no Lullaby” by Miyuna. The change will take place on April 14 for Episode 304.

Let us know your thoughts. What are you looking forward in the animation field?

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